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New Disney ALADDIN Enamel Pins by Matt Taylor!

Time to get out of the palace and see the world. Mondo is enchanted by these brand new enamel pins for the classic animated film, Disney's ALADDIN, by the ever impressive Matt Taylor. Plus, get the bonus magic lamp enamel pin FREE when you buy the 5-pin set and make all of your dreams come true!

Capture your own magic - these pins are AVAILABLE NOW!

ALADDIN Enamel Pins
Designed by Matt Taylor
Jasmine (1.5" in height), Abu (0.65"in height), Genie (2.1" in height), Aladdin (1.4" in height), Jafar (2" in height)
+ Bonus Magic Lamp (0.95" wide) with purchase of 5-pin set
Hard enamel pins
Expected to Ship in June 2019
Ships to United States, Puerto Rico, Canada
$10 Each/ $50 Set

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