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New THE LION KING Enamel Pins!

Remember who you are.

Another classic that has recently been revived for new audiences, this week we're commemorating Disney's 1994 animated feature THE LION KING. Once again, the massively talented Nico Delort has mastered the delicate expertise of enamel pin design. In this collection, Delort has created a loving recreation of Rafiki's Simba drawing, alongside cleverly designed bug enamel pins of those same two lifelong friends. To cap the celebration, we have a larger-than-life ethereal Mufasa in all his glory and wisdom.

Grab your own set tomorrow (11/8) at NOON (CT) via

THE LION KING Enamel Pins 
Designed by Nico Delort
Mufasa (1.7" H), Simba (1.1" H)
Rafiki & Simba Bugs 2-Pin Set (0.55" H, 0.75" H)
Hard Enamel pins on 2" x 3" backings
Expected to Ship in December 2019
Ships to US & Canada Only
$10 Each

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