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Boris Bilinsky

Metropolis poster (1927) by Boris Bilinsky. Text in top left corner removed by me.

A couple of articles on Boris Bilinsky:
- MUBI: “Metropolis” and the posters of Boris Bilinsky
- Boris Bilinsky French Metropolis Posters & Montages 1927

SPIDER-VERSE Posters by DKNG + SPIDER-MAN Enamel Pins!

Spider-Man is one of the greats. Period. The character debuted in 1962 and is as popular now as he’s ever been - if not more. With such a storied history, we have long been wanting to do a “history of” type poster for the many various Spider-people over the course of Spidey’s 55 year history.

In 2014, Marvel published an event called “Spider-Verse” that featured every Spider- character ever. In celebration, we wanted to do our own take so we enlisted the magicians at DKNG to design a Spider-Verse poster that includes upwards of 70 different incarnations of the ol’ web head from alternate Peter Parker’s (and Porker’s) to other iconic characters who also donned spider powers of their own. So much research went into this project and we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out and the amazing work DKNG did in executing the final pieces.

These posters are available right now as a 72 hour timed edition.

In addition to these posters, we’ll also have 4 new pin designs as part of our Tom Whalen Marvel pin series including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), a “Spidey” Sense pin as well as the classic 1960’s suit.

Spider-Verse by DKNG
24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. 
Available Thursday (3/23) at 10AM CST through Sunday (3/26) at 10AM CST
Printed by D&L Screenprinting
Expected to ship in 8-10 weeks

Spider-Verse (Variant) by DKNG
24"x36" Screen Print. Hand numbered. 
Available Thursday (3/23) at 10AM CST through Sunday (3/26) at 10AM CST
Printed by D&L Screenprinting
Expected to ship in 8-10 weeks

Spider-Man (1960s) Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Steve Ditko's iconic illustration of the character from his creation and throughout the 1960s. Approximately 1" high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man costume. Approximately 1" high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Spider-Gwen Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Gwen Stacy's appearance as Spider-Gwen in the Marvel Spider-Verse. Approximately 1" high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10


Spidey Sense Enamel PinDesigned by Tom Whalen and inspired by the illustration of Peter Parker's Spidey Sense tingling in the Marvel comics. Approximately 1" high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Spider-Verse 4-Pin Set. Includes Spider-Man (1960s), Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen & Spidey Sense Enamel Pins. Designed by Tom Whalen. Approximately 1" high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $35

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New Poster: PERSONAL SHOPPER by Tula Lotay!

In partnership with IFC Films, we’re releasing Tula Lotay’s poster for Olivier Assayas’ haunting new film, PERSONAL SHOPPER. We were fortunate enough to see the film a few months ago and were blown away by Kristen Stewart’s excellent performance. Tula connected with the film instantly and had this to say about her piece:

"PERSONAL SHOPPER  is one of those films that completely takes you by surprise - a surreal, dreamlike experience that mixes different genres in a unique, haunting and unsettling way. Kristen Stewart is totally beguiling - gorgeous, sexy, defiant and vulnerable - inhabiting a world of high fashion with a cool and confident detachment while a disturbing and dark mystery begins to unravel.

With hints of Lynch and Kieslowski this is a film like no other that will transfix you and stay with you long after watching it. I fell in love with the movie straight away and that made it very easy to pull the ideas together for the poster. I wanted something ethereal like the film, that captures the tension and underlying sexiness of Stewart's character. I hope I've done it justice."

These posters will be available online at a random time on Tuesday, March 21st.

Personal Shopper by Tula Lotay 
16"x24" Screen Print, Edition of 125
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

The poster will be available tomorrow (3/21) at a random time via Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement.

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New Music: CASTLEVANIA III & New Death Waltz Originals!

Hey all - this week we have a bunch of new releases for you including the incredible CASTLEVANIA 3: DRACULA'S CURSE on Mondo and brand new releases from both Pye Corner Audio and Timothy Fife on Death Waltz Originals.

Also don't forget, the soundtrack to RAW is still available for Pre-Order (shipping sooner than expected!) as well as the digital release of THE DEVIL'S CANDY on all digital platforms.

As always, releases and restock go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CST).

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP. Artwork by Sachin Teng. Two versions available. First version features two 180 Gram Split color LPs (Disc 1: Trevor Bronze and Alucard Black, Disc 2: Grant Maroon and Sypha Blue - Limited to 1,000 Copies). Second version is pressed on Translucent Orange with Grey and Black Splatter (Limited to 2,500 Copies). All copies feature BOTH the NES and FAMICOM versions of all 28 BGM tracks from the game spread across two 12" LPs. $30

Mondo is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CASTLEVANIA franchise with the premiere vinyl release of the original soundtrack to the 1989 Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System Three-quel / Prequel: DRACULA'S CURSE.

DRACULA'S CURSE is a dark horse for most beloved of the original NES / FAMICOM trilogy, as it was a happy marriage of the linear elements of the first CASTLEVANIA and the more exploratory elements of SIMON'S QUEST - a union that led to the introduction of multiple playable characters, multiple paths and multiple endings - that remain franchise staples even today. The story follows Trevor Belmont, Simon's ancestor and his battles with the prince of darkness, along side three other warriors: Grant Danasty the Pirate, Sypha Belnades the Mystic, and Alucard, Dracula's Son, who makes series debut here, and will play a more pivotal role in the games to come.

The soundtrack to DRACULA'S CURSE is important as well. Not only for fan favorite track 'Beginning,' a track you'd be nary to find excluded from any future CASTLEVANIA game, but for the dynamic audio introduced on the Japanese version of the game. The VRC6 Audio chip contained in the Japanese version allowed for a wider array of sound channels, producing a brighter, fuller soundtrack than on the cartridge released in the US. The Nintendo Entertainment System could not process this level of audio, so the version released in the US needed to have the audio scaled back. Despite this audio handicap the US version is still terrific, and the superiority of the which version best is still a matter of debate to this day. No need to choose though, since Mondo's vinyl re-issue contains both, spread across two 12" LPs, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring amazing new artwork by Sachin Teng.

Pye Corner Audio - The Spiral. Original artwork by We Buy Your Kids. Double Gatefold 7". Limited to 1000. 500 Clear Red & Yellow vinyl / 500 Red & Yellow Swirl. $15

We’re thrilled to welcome Pye Corner Audio back to Death Waltz Originals with a stunning 7" double pack featuring six brand new, exclusive tracks featuring his trademark sci-fi electronica.

'Do You Hear Them' pulses with a dance floor verve you've not yet heard from PCA, bouncing along a killer 4/4 beat with a super melodic bass riff on top. 'The Spiral' begins with a riff on the classic Axel F bass synth, and its super hyped drums and refrain could be placed in any classic 80s action movie that you already love. The other tracks are more contemplative and will sound familiar to anyone that owns any of the PCA Black Mill Tapes series. This 7” double pack release is exclusive to Mondo and limited to 1000 units. There will be a 10” released to record stores in April. 

Listen on Bandcamp here

Timothy Fife - Black Carbon. Original artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. SXSW Edition: Grey with White & Clear Grey splatter (100 copies only). Green & Grey split with Cherry Cola Splatters (500 only). $22

Three track solo album from Timothy Fife recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and early Brian Eno. 'Sydney at Night' is a brooding dark synth monster as eerie as it is unsettling; 'Low Plain Landscape' is a hauntingly beautiful 13 minute ambient workout; and rounding out the LP is 'Black Carbon' itself, an intense hard-edged synth track that bubbles with intensity and heavily processed voices that sounds like an alien radio broadcast.

Timothy carries over his work as one half of Victims to really shine as a solo artist in his own right, offering up a multi-layered piece of work that requires multiple listens to understand just how complex yet understated it is. Comes complete with a download code for entire LP, plus the exclusive digital-only bonus track ‘Alebedesque’.

Listen on Bandcamp here.


We are thrilled be stocking the first releases on new UK imprint Burning Witches Records. Heavy horror synth vibes run throughout these two records, and they are insanely limited (only 250 each worldwide) so be quick! 

BurningTapes - Blood Runs Dry. Hook-laden pulsing analogue synthesizers, ethereal guitars and hard drums create an electronic dark synth album inspired by the great and cheesy horror/Sci-Fi films of the 80s. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Released by Burning Witches Records. Limited to 250 Copies worldwide. $20

All of Them Witches - The Coven.
Ambient and dark creeping synth delights. Synth pads abound on this release with the usual nods to Carpenter and synth scores of the '80s...but it also has a really playful side (listen to 'Music Box') that sets it apart. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Released by Burning Witches Records. Limited to 250 Copies worldwide. $20

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“The world is as you are.”

David Lynch.

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IRON FIST Enamel Pin by Tom Whalen!

IRON FIST, the latest installment in Netflix's DEFENDERS series, is now streaming! We've been huge fans of the series since the start, releasing soundtracks, posters and pins for DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES and LUKE CAGE over the past year. We're excited to add The Immortal Iron Fist to the line-up with a new enamel pin designed by Tom Whalen based on the character's iconic appearance in the comics. 

Additionally, we have a Heroes for Hire 2-Pin Set featuring Iron Fist and our previously released Luke Cage pin.

Iron Fist Enamel Pin 
Designed by Tom Whalen 
1" Soft Enamel Pin

Heroes for Hire 2-Pin Set
Designed by Tom Whalen
1" Soft Enamel Pins

Chocolate For My Sister

This is an illustration by Hans Arnold for an episode of the short story series ”Veckans Chock” (Shock of the week) in the Swedish magazine Veckorevyn. The story was written by Pat Stadley and in translation (back to English, I guess) the title would be "Chocolate for my sister". It was probably published in the late sixties or early seventies, is my guess.

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Mondo Gallery: SWxMM Photo Recap

This past weekend we celebrated the Mondo Gallery's 5th Anniversary with "SWxMM", an exhibit  featuring artist Mike Mitchell’s character portraits of some of the most beloved heroes and villains in the STAR WARS universe. In addition to previously released portraits from the series, we debuted a selection of new portraits - including a few that will be released in the coming months! Check out some photos from the opening reception below.

Only 7 Days To Go!

There is a kickstarter campaign for a documentary about The Swiss-Swedish artist, illustrator and animator Hans Arnold (1925-2010). Most of those who know of him will associate him with his terrific horror images or with his illustrations for children's books.

- Hans Arnold illustrations previously in this blog.
- Hans Arnold in the Monster Brains blog

The kickstarter starter is an editor and director with the national Swedish TV company and he has filmed many hours of interviews and has collected hours of other material. What is left is basically editing everything together. The goal was 65.000 SEK (about 7.000 USD) and it has happily just now been reached. However, additional money is still welcome!

If you are, like I am, a fan of Hans Arnold and would like to see this documentary made in the best possible way - here's your chance to contribute!

Unfortunately the Kickstarter description is in Swedish but you might be able to figure it out with Google translate.

PS. I have personally nothing to do with this project. I just want to see the documentary completed.

New Poster Release: GHOST IN THE SHELL by Becky Cloonan!

In partnership with Kodansha Comics, tomorrow we will have two incredible new posters for the classic Kodansha manga GHOST IN THE SHELL by Becky Cloonan. Quite simply, Becky’s rendering of Public Security Section 9 member Major Motoko Kusanagi is gorgeous and we couldn’t be more proud of the end result. In addition to the regular version, there will also be a Glow in the Dark variant version available.

The posters will go on sale tomorrow (3/14) at a random time via

Ghost in the Shell by Becky Cloonan
18"x24" Screen Print, Signed & Hand Numbered
Edition of 275
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Ghost in the Shell (Glow-in-the-Dark Variant) by Becky Cloonan 
8"x24" Screen Print, Signed & Hand Numbered
Edition of 150
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Please follow us on  Twitter  for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Tuesday, March 14th.


Hi everyone - this week we have a new digital release of IFC / Snoot's forthcoming THE DEVIL'S CANDY (in theaters and VOD on March 17th). We also have a title back in stock: the DEATH STRANDING 12" Single by Low Roar. 

And don't forget, the soundtrack to RAW is still available for Pre-Order. The film (and its score) is one of our favorites of the year, we highly recommend you seek it out.

The DEATH STRANDING restock & distributed titles go on sale this Wednesday at NOON (CST), and THE DEVIL'S CANDY will be available on our Bandcamp page this Friday (3/17).

The Devil’s Candy - Original Motion Picture Score. Composed by Michael Yezerski. Original artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin. Available digitally on Bandcamp / iTunes & Spotify this Friday (3/17). 

THE DEVIL'S CANDY is a heavy metal horror film from director Sean Byrne who made THE LOVED ONES a few years back (if you missed that, go seek it out right now. It’s TEXAS CHAINSAW meets PRETTY IN PINK, and is all kinds of awesome). But unlike the cheesy hair metal horror movies of the '80s, this is completely grounded in real life throwbacks to the satanic panic period of American History; it’s scary, full of incredible visuals, and features great performances from folks you actually care about. And lets talk about that score…

Written and performed by Michael Yezerski, it features super brutal in-your-face shredding of guitars and industrial clanging tonal nightmares. It is a true horror score; it isn’t pretty and it is meant to be listened to LOUD. It will test your speakers at any level. The soundtrack will be available digitally on Bandcamp / iTunes & Spotify this Friday (3/17), with a vinyl version in production dropping the first week of May.

Check out the trailer for the film here.


Death Stranding 12" Single. Songs by Low Roar. Original Artwork by Randy Ortiz. Pressed on 180 Gram Clear Vinyl with Heavy Black Splatter $15.

Mondo, in conjunction with Kojima Productions, is proud to present a limited edition 12" Single of Low Roar's songs "I'll Keep Coming" and "Easy Way Out" as featured in the trailers for the forthcoming Hideo Kojima game DEATH STRANDING. 

We at Mondo are enormous fans of Hideo Kojima, and we are honored to release this single in anticipation of his forthcoming new game. The single features two tracks from Low Roar's 2014 album 0 and original artwork by Randy Ortiz. 


Make Up and Vanity Set - Chrome EP. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Released by Data Airlines. Limited to 300 Copies worldwide. $17

Make Up and Vanity Set - Wavehymnal EP. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Released by Data Airlines. Limited to 300 Copies worldwide. $17

We are thrilled be stocking the brand new EP CHROME from Makeup & Vanity Set, plus a small restock of the now sold-out WAVEHYMNAL released on Data Airlines. Incredibly punchy new school electro - or synth wave, as it now seems to be called by the kids! While the '80s references are an easy get, MAVS also tip their hat to classic industrial & chip tune. Both records are intense listens and absolutely essential. Limited to 300 worldwide. CHROME will not hang about and WAVEHYMNAL sees us only manage to get a handful! 

0312 3481 390


This changed my outlook on everything

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