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New Poster Release: FREE FIRE by Jay Shaw!

We love Ben Wheatley. Going back to KILL LIST we’ve been honored to create art for nearly all of Ben’s films. He’s a bold voice in filmmaking with an approach to his craft that is equal parts contemporary, visionary and classical. In FREE FIRE, Ben brings us back to 1978 for a wildly comical and violent bird’s eye view of a botched black market arms deal. Partnering with our friends at A24, Mondo is proud to release a poster for one of our favorite films of the year.

FREE FIRE by Jay Shaw will be available at a random time tomorrow (4/20) via

Free Fire by Jay Shaw 
18"x24" Screen Print, Edition of 100 
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

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ALIEN: Poster by N.C. Winters & Exclusive Tiki Mug!

We're teaming up with our friends at Alamo Drafthouse to release a new poster and tiki mug glazeway in celebration of Ridley Scott's ALIEN: COVENANT, in theaters May 19th!

Alien by N.C. Winters
24"x36" Screen Print, Timed Edition. 
Available Tuesday (4/18) through Friday (5/19) 
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

H.R. Giger’s iconic design for the Xenomorph is just about perfect. It’s instantly identifiable, timeless and terrifying. N.C. Winters has paid wonderful tribute to Giger’s brilliant design in his poster for ALIEN. N.C.’s rendering and careful attention to detail across the Xeno design is stunning.

The poster will be on sale as an extended timed edition release, available starting now and running through May 19th when ALIEN: COVENANT is released in theaters.


Aliens Ceramic Tiki Mug (Alamo Drafthouse Exclusive) 
Approx. 8" in height, Material: Ceramic
Artists: Michael Bonanno, Tom "Thor" Thordason, Tiki Farm

We're excited to offer a new ALIENS Tiki Mug glazeway exclusive to the Alamo Drafthouse! ALIEN: COVENANT ticket purchasers in Austin, New York and San Francisco will receive exclusive access to the mug through their ticket confirmation receipt. Purchase your screening tickets here!

Alamo Drafthouse theaters nationwide will have this version available in lobbies in late May. Stay tuned for official release date!

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Music Weekly: ABDULLAH, MONSTER SQUAD + NINJA GAIDEN Distributed Titles!

Hey all - no new releases from us this week, but we do a new distributed title, plus two records hitting retail for the 10th Annual Record Store Day event taking place this Saturday at all good independent record shops around the world.

Distributed titles will be available at 12PM (CST) this Wednesday (4/19).

Please support your local record shop, and we'll see you next week! 

Abdullah - Original Score LP / DVD Set. 180g vinyl, housed inside a 425gsm gatefold jacket featuring the full score. Comes with Region Free DVD and a download card. UK Version: Red Vinyl (Limited to 500). USA Version: Blue Vinyl (500 Copies). Available on Record Store Day (4/22).

We’re thrilled to announce an LP/DVD combo of ABDULLAH, a short film released by Ne'er Do Well Films, for Record Store Day 2017. It's a dark tale concerning the largely unknown underbelly of the city. Abdullah is a lonely man, a Turkish mini-cab driver in London who has been forgotten - by the city, by society, and by his own community. When Abdullah picks up a new fare one night - a troubled young man who finally takes notice of him - things take a dark turn. As the two men make an undeniable connection, the question becomes clear: can Abdullah change his fate or is he destined to be swallowed by his own loneliness?

Directed by Evrim Ersoy, the film will be available for the first time after a successful festival run as a limited-edition DVD featuring extras including an isolated score, a look at behind the scenes, easter eggs and more.

Maiovvi’s score is a powerhouse tour de force featuring his signature raw electro sound blended with traditional Turkish structures and instruments. He has managed to create something totally unique; dark disco that is familiar yet alien. It's the perfect follow-up to his last short, YELLOW. We are very proud to highlight ABDULLAH, included here with a bonus DVD shot on 35mm. The film looks magnificent and the dark tale is perfectly suited to Maiovvi’s delirious take on Turkish standards. 

Indiewire just premiered the film, and you can check it out here.

The Monster Squad - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Retail exclusive. Featuring New artwork by James Flames. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. 1000 only available worldwide.

Mondo is proud to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Bruce Broughton's score to Fred Dekker directed / Shane Black scripted cult classic, THE MONSTER SQUAD, featuring all new artwork by James Flames. Although not an official Record Store Day release, we have this retail exclusive package available in stores this weekend. 

THE MONSTER SQUAD tells the story of six suburban kids who go toe-to-toe with some of the baddest monsters of all time, The Mummy, The Wolfman, The Gillman, and Dracula, who join forces to unleash evil on the world. Only the titular "Monster Squad" (with a little help from Frankenstein's monster) can stop them.

Bruce Broughton's score brings a chilling center to this otherwise kid-friendly endeavor. Bringing to life a story of kids versus universally-beloved monsters in a modern era is no small task, but Broughton captures the adventure and spirit of childhood, crafting an iconic score that bridges the gap between two seemingly disparate genres.

Featuring exclusive artwork by James Flames, and produced by Mike Matessino and Dan Goldwasser. Cut at 45RPM for best possible sound quality, and pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl.


Our friends at Brave Wave are on their third and fourth Generation Series release, NINJA GAIDEN: THE DEFINITIVE SOUNDTRACK. Available as separate 2XLPs (Volume 1 and Volume 2), or as a complete 4XLP box set.

Vol. 1 contains the complete soundtracks for Ninja Gaiden on NES and Arcade. There are 59 tracks in total, with 31 for the NES edition and 28 for the Arcade. They were composed by Keiji Yamagishi, Mikio Saito and Ryuichi Nitta.

Vol. 2 contains the complete soundtracks for Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Sword of Doom. There are 29 tracks for Ninja Gaiden II and 30 tracks for Ninja Gaiden III. They were composed by Ryuichi Nitta, Mayuko Okamura, Rika Shigeno and Kaori Nakabai.

Exclusive to the Box Set: Limited Edition A5 Post Card Designed by series illustrator Masato Kato on October 30, 1988.

Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1 2XLP.
Released on Brave Wave. Pre-Order ship in July 2017. $35

Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2 2XLP.
Released on Brave Wave. Pre-Order ship in July 2017. $35


Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack 4XLP.
Released on Brave Wave. Contains Vol.1 and Vol. 2. Pre-Order ship in July 2017. $85

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New Posters: COLOSSAL + RESIDENT EVIL Sale Info!

Last week, Nacho Vigalondo’s stunning COLOSSAL was let loose in New York and Los Angeles… this weekend the film has a much wider release, and if it’s playing in a theater near you, we highly recommend checking it out this weekend. To celebrate, we’ll have a beautiful poster for the film by our absolute favorite duo from down under, We Buy Your Kids.

In addition to COLOSSAL, we’ll also have a brand new poster for one of our favorite survival horror video games, RESIDENT EVIL, by Sam Wolfe Connelly. When we first reached out to Sam for this project, he immediately took to it. His beautiful rendering of the series’ iconic zombie dogs is both grotesque and gorgeous and we couldn’t be more excited about Sam’s work here.

Both posters will be available at a random time tomorrow (4/13) via

Colossal by We Buy Your Kids
12"x36" Screen Print, Edition of 175
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

"Before even starting on this poster I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. I remember playing this game as a kid for the first time at a friend's house with all the lights turned out. One of the first unexpected jump scares is a dog trying to snap at you through the mansion doors when you try to exit. Of course we all screamed like crazy and then tried to play it off like we weren't scared. I think thats a moment a lot of people shared with this game and series."
-Sam Wolfe Connelly

Resident Evil by Sam Wolfe Connelly 
18"x24" Screen Print, Edition of 150
Printed by D&L Screenprinting

Please follow us on  Twitter  for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, April 13th.

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Music Weekly: SILENT HILL, Re-Stocked Titles + Free Shipping Promo!

Hey all - big one this week! We're super excited to release two all-new horror scores - the soundtrack to the 1999 Survival Horror classic game, SILENT HILL, and 2017's criminally under-seen, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS.

Also, we're excited to launch a Free Domestic Shipping / $10 Flat-Rate International Shipping promo today through Sunday (4/16) for all vinyl and CDs. Just in time, too, as we have a bunch of really fun re-stocks including copies of CASTLEVANIA, Joe LoDuca's EVIL DEAD: A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED 7-Inch, and an all new colorway of TURBO KID (Chronicles of the Wasteland) 2XLP. 

All the titles below go on sale Wednesday at NOON (CST).

Silent Hill - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Konami Digital Entertainment. Artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Pressed on 180 Snowfall Colored Vinyl. $30

Mondo is proud present the premiere vinyl release of the soundtrack to the haunting 1999 original Playstation title, SILENT HILL.

Set in the eponymous town of SILENT HILL, you play as Harry Mason after a car crash leaves you stranded and searching for his missing adopted daughter, Cheryl. But this town is not what it seems, and Harry quickly discovers that his daughter's disappearance may be a connected to the town's mysterious cult activity.

Don't let the tone of the plucky mandolin driven opening track fool you; this is one of the most haunting soundtracks we've ever released. Full of hair-raising, pulse-pounding, industrial cues, the soundtrack to SILENT HILL is the stuff of nightmares. Which is important, since SILENT HILL (and its subsequent sequels) has its feet planted firmly in the legacy of survival horror gaming.

Pressed on 2X 180 Gram "Snow Fall" Colored Vinyl (Clear with Heavy White splatter) and featuring original artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly.

The Girl With All The Gifts - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Artwork by Jay Shaw. Disc 1: 180 Gram Green and Brown Swirl Vinyl. Disc 2: 180 Gram Red and Orange Swirl Vinyl. $35

We are absolutely thrilled to finally work with composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer. His work on the UK TV show UTOPIA is one of our most played records of the last few years, and he is surely one of the most original and unique voices in the world of soundtracks of the last decade. The fact that we get to work with him on one of the best zombie films in years is the icing on the cake.

Breathing new life into a stale genre is so hard to do, but THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS turns the genre on its head, managing to be intelligent, thrilling, scary and funny without sacrificing the gore or characterization. De Veer’s score is nothing short of astounding; it's haunting, beautiful and so multi-layered that we still haven’t tired of it after six months of constant listening. Here he delivers one of the standout scores for 2017 with all the hallmarks of a future classic. De Veer is one of the most exciting composers working today, creating eerie atmospheric pieces of music underscored with manipulated human voices that add a real sense of unease and tension to the film, but also create a truly unique listen as a multi-layered standalone record.

Available digitally now on our Bandcamp page.


Evil Dead: A Nightmare Reimagined 7-Inch Single.
Music by Joe LoDuca. Artwork by Jason Edmiston. Pressed on Black Vinyl. $10

Joe LoDuca's score to EVIL DEAD is one of soundtrack collectors' most sought after horror scores. Legend has it that the original masters have long been lost.

Twenty-five years later, Joe has crafted an all-new reimagined score for his 1981 Horror classic titled A NIGHTMARE REIMAGINED. This single, featuring the "Overture" from the new score, is from the forthcoming full length LP.

Turbo Kid - Chronicles of the Wasteland.
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Le Matos. Available on limited edition Yellow, Green & Red Turbo void vinyl. $35

Propelling this insanity is an incredible score that cherry picks its influences from the best of electronic film music from the past thirty five years, running the gamut from the inevitable John Carpenter bleedthrough – with some beautifully malevolent atmospheric pieces – to riffing off of the classics of Van Halen all the way through to Modern French electronic music from the like of Daft Punk & Ed Banger Records.

TURBO KID is diverse but not disparate; it plays fast and loose but not at the expense of cohesion, so there are moments where you can just lie back and relax to the mesmerising ambience and dream of authentic alien landscapes, or freak out to the best of the 80’s hedonistic synthpop, or let yourself be inhabited by an eerie chill from the evocative electro-goth vocals. TURBO KID – A place beyond your dreams, a record beyond your imagination. 

Le Matos - Join Us 2XLP.
Pressed on 180 Gram Red & Grey Swirl  vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. $35

Long overdue repress of the first (self-released) Le Matos on Death Waltz Originals. Absolutely essential 80s influenced dance floor electro, as indebted to John Carpenter as it is to the first Daft Punk record. What Le Matos have in spades (apart from synths) is an ear for a killer melody (just check out ‘Molly,’ which manages to have the most hummable chorus ever despite having no lyrics). We love Le Matos and we are super stoked to be working with them on a new record for 2017! 

Castlevania - Original Video Game Soundtrack 10".
Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Artwork by Becky Cloonan. Pressed on Black Vinyl $20

Mondo is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CASTLEVANIA franchise with the premiere vinyl release of the original soundtrack to the 1986 Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System classic that started it all.

Journey through the darkness of Dracula’s castle, from tower to tower fighting, facing the nightmares within. This 10" Vinyl record features all 12 BGM tracks from the game that started it all.


Mad Max Trilogy 3XLP. Released on Varèse Sarabande. Music by Brian May & Maurice Jarre. Vocals by Tina Turner. 180 Gram Gray, Black and Sand 3 LP Vinyl Set. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. $70

For the first time ever, the original MAD MAX trilogy of soundtracks have been combined into a stellar deluxe package designed by Marvel comic artist, Tim Bradstreet (THE PUNISHER, BLADE). The outside three panels consist of all new original artwork, while the inner panels display minis of the original jackets and the tracklisting. The color of the vinyl is Gray, Sand and Black respectively in keeping with the central colors of the new art panels. No more than 2000 units will be made and the trilogy will not be duplicated in another package.

We are thrilled to be stocking the next five releases on new Italian label, Spettro. The new batch of titles include SUPERMAN, METAMORPHOSIS, HOROSCOPE, GALESSIA M81 and CRAZY COLOURS. All limited to 500 copies worldwide. The quality of their releases is outstanding and they are choosing really interesting Library cuts to reissue. Listening links can be found on the individual release pages. Each title is $30.

Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: Wicked Die Young 2XLP. Released on Milan Records. Pressed on 2X 180 Gram Colored Vinyl. $30

In 2016, Milan Records had the pleasure of releasing the soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn’s THE NEON DEMON composed by Cliff Martinez. The synth-heavy electronic score went on to be one of the most critically-lauded soundtrack releases of the year, making numerous “Best of 2016” critic lists along the way. Refn now returns with his latest creation: THE WICKED DIE YOUNG.

THE WICKED DIE YOUNG is the latest release in Milan’s “Nicolas Winding Refn Presents” series -  a sublabel of releases curated by director Nicolas Winding Refn. Conceptualized as a companion album to THE NEON DEMON and curated by Refn, THE WICKED DIE YOUNG compiles the music that he was listening to while writing and shooting the film. This album is a unique opportunity to enter the musical mind of one of the most visionary contemporary directors. This eclectic selection confirms his love of music from the disco of Giorgio Moroder and Tommy Seebach to the punk and rock of Suicide and 999! The album also features exclusive tracks by Cliff Martinez, Electric Youth and Julian Winding. Available on vinyl, THE WICKED DIE YOUNG comes pressed on a pair of colored 180 gram vinyl discs housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket featuring liner notes by Nicolas Winding Refn.

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Rest easy, Glenn O’Brien.

MondoCon 2017 Tickets are On Sale Now!

We're so excited to announce early-bird tickets are now on sale for the fourth annual MondoCon, along with an initial lineup of exhibitors and artists! This year's event will take place November 4th and 5th, 2017 inside the Austin American-Statesman building located at 305 S. Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, TX. 

MondoCon is a celebration of everything we love, including movies, art, comics, music, toys and food. It's our favorite weekend of the year, curated with fans in mind, featuring incredible artists and creators from around the world, panels, screenings, food trucks, live score and interactive events.

For our fourth annual MondoCon, we wanted to enhance the fan experience and our connection to the city of Austin, and we're excited to find a new home at the Austin American-Statesman building. We'll be taking over the space that used to house all their old printing presses and think it is going to create a truly unique environment for the weekend's activities. We'll be hosting our evening screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, which was home Mondo for many years. We can't wait to offer our fans the opportunity to enjoy a film in the world's greatest theater.

The full MondoCon 2017 program schedule will be unveiled in the coming weeks and months, but we're thrilled to announce the first round of confirmed artists and exhibitors in attendance.


Martin Ansin
Oliver Barrett
Richey Beckett
Florian Bertmer
Jonathan Burton
Scott C
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Becky Cloonan
Daniel Danger
Craig Drake
Aaron Draplin
Jason Edmiston
Francesco Francavilla
Nicole Gustafsson
JJ Harrison
Industry Print Shop
Rob Jones
Alex Kirzhner
Rory Kurtz
Dan McCarthy
Mike Mitchell
The National Poster Retrospecticus
Randy Ortiz
Alex Pardee
Phantom City Creative
Eric Powell
Gary Pullin
JC Richard
Jay Ryan
Justin Santora
Mike Saputo
Todd Slater
Stan & Vince
William Stout
Matt Taylor
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Matt Ryan Tobin
Kevin Tong
Unbox Industries
Teagan White
Erica Williams
N.C. Winters

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