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New TRANSFORMERS Enamel Pins by Tom Whalen

This new trifecta of TRANSFORMERS Enamel Pins designed by Tom Whalen are more than meets the eye and fashion statements in disguise.

Following the initial drop of Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee at San Diego Comic Con last year, we couldn’t be happier to add Jazz, Soundwave and Ravage to the growing collection. Utilizing the same ultra shiny enamel finish as their predecessors, these pins are must haves for TRANSFORMERS die-hards and people who just love to add a little out of this world flair to their attire.

Designed by Tom Whalen
Soundwave (
1.06" H), Jazz (1" H), Ravage (1.6" W)
Soft Enamel Pins on 1.5" x 2" Backings
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships to Addresses in North America
$10 Each

Jazz, Soundwave and Ravage designed by Tom Whalen are AVAILABLE NOW at Be sure to keep your eyes on our social media for updates and on sale info. 

THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure!

It was almost exactly 5 years ago today that we launched our first THE IRON GIANT figure, in the form of the 16-inch tall THE IRON GIANT Deluxe Figure. As it was one of the first projects I worked on when I joined Mondo (almost 7 years ago!), the award-winning figure holds a special place in my toy heart. With that said, today I'm super stoked to share with you just a little peek behind the scenes of a new version of this iconic robot with a heart!

We announced a year or so ago our plans for a line of articulated robot figures called Mondo Mecha, and felt it was fitting to start the line with one of our favorite robots, THE IRON GIANT. We didn't want to just put out the exact same figure, so we made The Giant in a new scale, added a lot more articulation, and well, let me detail you the differences in this video below:

A lot of hard work went into this new figure, from Joe Allard's product layout, to painting by Mike Pflaumer and Hector Arce. But what I wanted to highlight right now is all the time, energy, skill, and creativity the team at Bigshot Toyworks put into the engineering of this figure. Here is just a sampling of all the work that goes into something like THE IRON GIANT. These are images of the digital model, broken down so you can see the various parts outside and in.

We hope you like THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure! In just a few months we'll be bringing you a few more robotic friends. Until then, be sure you have the Mondo Exclusive Giant on pre-order, and look out for more updates about him, and other figures in all our various lines. There just might be a few surprises popping up here and there...


POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU was easily one of the most fun films to come out of 2019. We previously collaborated with Matt Taylor to develop a pair of posters inspired by the film for SDCC. We’re proud to have partnered up with another great Taylor—Ken Taylor, to be exact—on a fantastic poster for this incredible, live-action Pokémon film. Centered on the titular character, an Electric-type Pokémon with a love for coffee and a nose for clues, on a backdrop of Ryme City, Ken has created a gorgeous piece of art for one of our favorite 2019 films.

24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 325
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in April 2020
Ships to Addresses in the 
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Africa

24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 150
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in April 2020
Ships to Addresses in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Africa

These posters will be available Thursday, January 23rd at a random time at

Video Vortex Game and Gear ON SALE NOW!

Calling all gamers, tapeheads, and mutants: Mondo’s latest tabletop creation  Video Vortex  is available now, and is exactly what you would expect from a crew of fun-loving movie nerds. Plus, we’ve got your game night duds sorted; show up to the table in style in our Vortex-inspired T-Shirts. No need for t-shirts in the dystopian afterlife? Find the key to success attached to your official Mutant Power Alliance of America membership keychain. Semi-transparent acrylic presented in a nuclear hot pink. 

Set in a timeline where Y2K actually went down as predicted, Video Vortex showcases nuclear-influenced illustrations by Boneface through the unparalleled design work of Jay Shaw. Players take on the roles of genre-worshipping mutants and battle for control of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, using the 200+ cards available for rent to launch attacks at one another’s fighters. Damage dealt forward’s an opponent’s runtime, and once expired, they’re toast!

Video Vortex by Mondo Games
Age: 14+
Artist: Boneface
Designers: Mitch Ryckman, Trevan Haskell
Game Includes: 1 Vortex Board, 210 Cards, 4 Player Boards, 4 Runtime Dials, 8 Suns, 12 Mutant Character Sheets, 4 Player Aids, 24 Energy Cubes, 16 Charges, 1 First Player Token, 12 Be Kind Tokens
Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days
Ships Worldwide 


Video Vortex is a competitive deck-building game for 2-4 players. On their respective turns, players will spend energy to play special cards, power their deck with rentals from the local video store, and eject chosen cards from play to weaken foes.

Runtime, the measure of mutant health, is limited and unique to each character. By advancing an opponent’s runtime beyond their limit through Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi attacks, mutants collect “Be Kind” tokens as trophies representative of their conquest. Once three distinctive trophies have been collected, victory is declared by the reigning champion.

Rewind Your Mind T-Shirt
Designed by Jay Shaw
Manufactured by Impact Merchandising
Sizing:  XS-4XL, Next Level 3600 Black 100% cotton
Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days
Ships Worldwide

Acid Override T-Shirt
Designed by Boneface
Manufactured by Impact Merchandising
Sizing: XS-4XL, Next Level 3600 Light Pink 100% cotton
Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days
Ships Worldwide

Mutant Power Alliance Keychain
Single sided hand carved keychain on semi-transparent neon red plastic
Created in Japan by The Skips
Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days
Ships Worldwide

Stuck On VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers!

On the heels of it’s massively successful debut at the Found Footage Festival’s VCR Party Tour in Austin, TX, we’re beyond excited to present Birth.Movies.Death.’s first book, “Stuck On VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers” by Josh Schafer. 

Schafer’s book pays tribute to an incredibly important part of film history, the VHS tape, through its unique collectible stickers. Relive the days of scouring your local video store in search of the perfect accompaniment to your Friday night.  With essays by Lunchmeat editor Josh Schafer, sticker reproductions, and three pages of peelable stickers for your own tape collection!

Stuck on VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers by Josh Schafer and Jacky Lawrence. Published by Birth.Movies.Death.. Hard Cover, 160 pages (plus three sticker pages). Expected to Ship in February 2020. Ships Worldwide. $30

Stuck On VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers by Josh Schafer is available now at in limited quantities.

Music Weekly: New FREAKED LP & Enamel Pin + TURBO KID & SUMMER OF '84 Restock!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely holiday season. We are excited to kick off 2020 with an album over 25 years in the making: the premiere release of the soundtrack to 1993's cult classic FREAKED. This is a double LP featuring Kevin Kiner’s original score AND the original songs from the movie from the likes of Iggy Pop and the Butthole Surfers.

Blind Idiot God and Henry Rollins recorded the theme song for Freaked. If you want a punch-to-the-face example of some of the music from the film, mixed with its distinct sense of humor check out this mini music video that writer/director Tom Stern put together for the reunion screening this past weekend titled "Holo-Rollins". Click here to watch the mini music video!

Also, while we were in Los Angeles we also got to interview the filmmakers Tom Stern, Alex Winter and Tim Burns for our Podcast - make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for that to drop later this week.

We are also excited to restock two essentials by our friends Le Matos, the soundtracks to TURBO KID and SUMMER OF '84.

As usual, new releases and restocks go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT) via


FREAKED - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Available for the first time in any format. Original artwork by David Daniels. Music by Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and more. Original Score by Kevin Kiner. Featuring liner notes by Directors Tom Stern and Alex Winter. Pressed on 2X 140 Gram Colored Vinyl. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $35

Over 25 years in the making! Death Waltz Recording Co. is extremely proud to bring you both the score and the songs featured in Alex Winter and Tom Stern's FREAKED - available for the first time in any format.

This 2XLP set features all new artwork from inventor of Strata-Cut clay animation David Daniels (who did the original, mind-melting opening credit sequence for the film) and features liner notes by Directors Tom Stern and Alex Winter

Disc 1 features songs from the movie from the likes of Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, Henry Rollins, Axiom Funk (George Clinton & Bill Laswell) and Iggy Pop. 

Disc 2 features Kevin Kiner's original score, which so good that it could easily rival any number of Amblin's films from the 80's. Kiner's music is incredibly nuanced, yet playful and bombastic (in a good way) that it is a revelation when listened to independent of the film.

Ricky Coogan Enamel Pin
Designed by Matt Ryan Tobin
1.4" W Soft Enamel pin on 
2" x 2.5"  backing
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships to Addresses in the US & Select Countries Internationally

Any opportunity to celebrate FREAKED is one that should be seized - so we're happy to announce a restock of Matt Ryan Tobin's Ricky Coogan enamel pin. Previously released alongside a screenprinted poster designed by Tobin, this soft enamel pin on black metal is the perfect accessory for any weirdo.


TURBO KID - Chronicles Of The Wasteland 2XLP. Music by Le Matos. Deluxe 425 gsm gatefold sleeve with insert and obi strip housing 2X 180 gram vinyl LPs. Available on Translucent Green Vinyl. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $35

SUMMER OF '84 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Le Matos. Artwork by Sam Turner. Pressed on 2X 180 Gram BMX Blood Splatter vinyl (Silver and Red Splatter). Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $35

New THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure!

T he first in our MONDO MECHA collection (a line of highly articulated robot figures), THE IRON GIANT features more articulation than any previous Iron Giant figure we've offered! He stands approx. 12.5" tall, with 35+ points of articulation, and a lot of interchangeable hands, heads, and accessories! Start your MONDO MECHA collection with one of the most beloved robots of all time!

Figure Includes:
- 4 interchangeable heads: Regular, Angry, Squinting, and Battle Mode
- Magnetic "S" that can be attached to the figure's chest
- 6 interchangeable pairs of hands
- Girder "meal"
- Interchangeable Battle Mode Arm
- Removable pair of teeth that can be used with all heads

The Mondo Exclusive version includes: Hogarth in Junked Car accessory, and the interchangeable Sad Iron Giant head!

These figures will go on sale tomorrow (1/17) at 1pm (CT) via

THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure (Mondo Exclusive)
TIMED EDITION - Available until 2/18

Features a 
Hogarth in Junked Car accessory, and the interchangeable
Sad Iron Giant head
Approx. 12.5" in height, Approx 2lbs, Materials: PVC, ABS
Artists: Bigshot Toyworks, Joe Allard, Mike Pflaumer, Hector Arce
Expected to Ship by the end of September 2020
Ships Worldwide

THE IRON GIANT Mondo Mecha Figure 
Approx. 12.5" in height, Approx 2lbs, Materials: PVC, ABS
Artists: Bigshot Toyworks, Joe Allard, Mike Pflaumer, Hector Arce
Expected to Ship by the end of September 2020
Ships Worldwide

New SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Poster by Matt Taylor!

It's the dawn of a new decade and we're looking forward to what's to come in 2020... and to get it started right, we're excited to swing into the new year with a pair of posters for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME by the amazing Matt Taylor.

Last month we released a timed edition of Matt's poster for AVENGERS: ENDGAME, and we're proud to follow that up with a poster for the next entry in the MCU. SPOILER WARNING, but by now who hasn't seen these movies? Either way, you've been warned. The film follows Peter Parker as he wrestles with the fallout of AVENGERS: ENDGAME and The Blip, an event in which the effects of Thanos' population decimating snap were reversed. Thanos is no more. Heroes and mentors are gone. Five years have passed. The world has changed. On the bright side, Peter and his classmates get to go on a European field trip, so it's not all bad, right? Despite dealing with some heavy themes, this film is a lot of fun and just like with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, it's a blast to see Spider-Man outside of New York and operating in the wider world. Plus, we have the first live action appearance of Mysterio, and trust us, he's great. As usual, Matt did awesome work here. From the rendering and detail on Spidey (and Night Monkey!) to the looming presence of Mysterio, there's a lot to soak in with this poster and we love it. 

Check out both versions below. 

24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 300
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships to Addresses in the US & Select Countries Internationally

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME (Variant) by Matt Taylor
24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 150
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships to Addresses in the US & Select Countries Internationally

Both the regular and the Night Monkey variant editions will go on sale Thursday, January 16th at a random time via

Mondo x SteelBook #038: A QUIET PLACE

Our silence is broken…as we’re unable to remain quiet! We’re excited to work with Paramount Pictures on the next Mondo X SteelBook® collaboration #038: John Krasinski’s A QUIET PLACE.

We’ve used Matt Ryan Tobin’s incredible poster highlighting the red-light warning…so shhhhhh! There are extra-terrestrial creatures lurking nearby! Matt’s original intent for the artwork was to have a consistent soundwave flowing throughout every panel leading to the farm composition where the red string lights continue that path, with lens flares mimicking sound waves. Super cool!

If they hear you, they hunt you. In this terrifying suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) Abbott are determined to find a way to protect their children at all costs while they desperately search for a way to fight back. Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, A QUIET PLACE is a must-see movie in spectacular 4K Ultra HD with over 30 minutes of special features.

Click here to get your copy! 

Disc Details:
Disc 1

4K Ultra HD/UHD Feature Film

Disc 2

BD Feature Film – 1080p High Definition
Creating the Quiet – Behind the Scenes of A Quiet Place (14:42)
The Sound of Darkness – Editing Sound for A Quiet Place (9:33)
The Reason for Silence – The Visual Effects for A Quiet Place (7:29)


Designer Con Remainders!

Back in November we packed into the Anaheim Convention Center with friends and collectors to attend one of our favorite events of the year, Designer Con! We had an absolute blast and want to extend a sincere thank you to the awesome people that stopped by to chat or grab something special. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have a few items from the weekend for folks who couldn’t attend, including the stellar D-Con exclusive Jason Voorhees Mondoid, the MOTUbi variant of our Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure, Jock's stunning FIST OF FURY poster, a charming Steamboat Willie 2-pin set designed by Matt Taylor, and the last man standing - El Ojo Fantastico Tiki Mug. These goodies are all now available in SUPER limited quantities on . Check out the items and details below. 

Jason Voorhees Mondoid Vinyl Figure (8-Bit Variant).
Approx. 2.75" in height, Material: Vinyl/PVC
Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Hector Arce
Limited to 500 pcs
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships Worldwide

Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure (MOTUbi Variant).
Approx. 12" in height, Weight: approx. 4lbs, Material: PVC/ABS
Artists: Ramirez Studios, Dave Rapoza, Joe Allard, Jason Wires Productions,
Hector Arce
Limited to 100pcs 
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships Worldwide

24" x 36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships Worldwide

Designed by Matt Taylor
Steamboat Willie (1.1" H), PegLeg Pete (1.5" H)
Hard Enamel pins on a 3.25" x 3.25" backing 
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only

El Ojo Fantastico Tiki Mug (Furia Rojo Variant). 
The Furia Rojo Variant features a red-hot glaze.
Approx. 4.75" in height, Weight: approx. 2lbs, Material: Ceramic
Tufan Sezer, Michael Bonanno, Tiki Farm
Limited to 250 pcs
Expected to Ship in March 2020
Ships Worldwide

We’re already hard at work planning for 2020 and we can’t wait to see everyone at the various conventions and events. Hit us up on social and tell us which conventions we’ll be seeing you at!

New THE SWORD IN THE STONE Enamel Pins by Oliver Barrett!

Whoso shall pulleth the backing off these pins and wear them on their jacket, bag, or robe is rightwise the wearer of a magical THE SWORD IN THE STONE pin designed by Oliver Barrett.

We are beyond excited to kick off our 2020 enamel pin series with one of our favorite classic Disney films, THE SWORD IN THE STONE. The artistic wizard Oliver Barrett brilliantly captured Merlin’s conductor stance, his rabbit transformation, his battle with the Mad Madam Mim and of course, his trusty Sugar Bowl.

From Oliver, “One of my fondest early memories is watching THE SWORD IN THE STONE on my grandmother’s gigantic tree-stump tube television on Thanksgiving morning. Something about the art style, as well as the contrast between the bright magical stuff and the muted & muddy backgrounds, just clicked for me that day. With these pins, I really wanted to capture that same vibe by focusing on the magic (get lost, Wart!) and coloring them so that they truly pop. I love this film."

Designed by Oliver Barrett
Sugar Bowl (1" H), 
Madam Mim vs. Merlin (1.65" H), Merlin (1.65" H),
Merlin the Rabbit (1.25" H) 
Soft Enamel pins on 2" x 3" backings 
Expected to Ship in February 2020
Ships to Addresses in the 
United States, Canada, & Puerto Rico
$10 Each

These four enamel pins are ON SALE NOW at As always, keep your eyes on our social media for any updates and on sale announcements.

Music Weekly: FREAKED LP & LA Screening!

Happy New Year friends. Welcome to 2020! 

No new release this week, but we wanted to start the year by telling you about a forthcoming record launch and film screening in Los Angeles for one of our favourite films: FREAKED! This soundtrack has never been released in any form and has been three years in the making! We are thrilled we can finally unleash it upon the world. If you do not know the movie, we highly encourage you to seek it out. It is completely insane and hands down one of our holy grail titles that we're incredibly lucky to work on! The screening will take place on January 17th at the world-famous Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd and is co-presented with our friends at Beyond Fest. We’ll be screening a pristine 35mm print of the 1993 film and following the feature, there will be a Q&A and signing session. Our guests include co-directors Alex Winter & Tom Stern, Composer Kevin Kiner, Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) special effects artists Steve Johnson, Tony Gardener & Bill Corso, John Hawkes (EASTBOUND & DOWN), Catherine Harwick (director of TWILIGHT and production designer on FREAKED), Lee Arenberg (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) & more to be announced!

The record will be on sale at the event ahead of its online release date, and is a double LP housed inside incredible artwork by original title designer David Daniels (Check out the video below of him creating the cover art). It features Kevin Kiner’s complete beautiful score (available for the first time ever) as well original songs from The Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop & More, most never release in any format. It was pressed on gorgeous colored vinyl by our friends at Gotta Groove, and looks and sounds amazing. Speaking of the vinyl, we had the wizards at Waxmage make us 20 unique hand-poured records. They were mostly made as gifts for the filmmakers, but we’ll be giving away 5 copies at the screening.

If you don’t live in LA, don't worry! You’ll be able to grab FREAKED in a few weeks on our webstore and in your local record store this February. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Mondo's Games Team Favorite Games of 2019

Check out a list of 2019's best games according to Tim League, Tim Wiesch, and Jayme Boucher.

Tabletop Gaming has exploded in popularity over the last decade thanks to a perfect storm of cultural and societal factors that have more people than ever setting aside their screens in pursuit of of face-to-face time spent with family, friends, and coworkers. Treasured favorites of yesteryear have paved the way for fresh themes and more complex play styles that aim to provide immersive entertainment experiences at an affordable buy-in. Accompanied by a popular resurgence of decades-old classics like Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, tabletop is no longer a pastime for the socially averse, nor a guilty pleasure secretly enjoyed away from prying eyes. Gaming is more accessible than ever before, and literally thousands of new games are published every year to be enjoyed by people of every shape, size, color, age, and background. Several of Mondo’s gaming enthusiasts have compiled a list of our favorite games from 2019, and whether you’re hoping to scheme, compete, work together, have a good laugh, or embark on an adventure: we’ve got recommendations for you!

In no particular order:

Era: Medieval Age

Designed by: Matt Leacock
Art by: Chris Quilliams

Every year, while prepping for Gen Con, one of the largest tabletop and hobby gaming conventions in the world, we do our homework and review all the games set to make their debut. Some titles, like Shobu (also on this list), we stumble upon for the first time at a booth, receive a demo, and fall in love. Others, we storm the line for on the first day knowing the shrink wrap need not be removed before purchase. Era: Medieval Age was the first game I bought at Gen Con this year. Matt Leacock is one of the undeniable titans of the gaming industry - creator of the Pandemic games as well as Forbidden Island and Roll Through the Ages . I’m hooked! I will play everything he creates.

Era is his latest creation and it did not disappoint. It’s a quick-to-learn and relatively quick-to-play resource building game wherein players vie to construct the most successful medieval town, balancing various facets of medieval society: farmers, peasants, clergy, nobles and warriors, not to mention avoiding the disasters and diseases of the day. Beautifully balanced gameplay is matched with beautiful design, something that always resonates with the Mondo game team. -Tim L


Designed by: Prospero Hall
Art by: Goulish Gary Pullin,  Justin Erickson and Paige Reynolds

We obviously need to call out any game featuring art by long-time Mondo collaborators Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Phantom City Creative’s Justin Erickson and they certainly did not disappoint here. Two of our absolute favorite horror artists working on a Universal Monsters board game? It’s a must buy right there regardless of the gameplay, which luckily, is also fantastic!

Horrified is a fully cooperative game that pits you and your friends against classic Universal Monsters and the horrors they bring. Each monster has completely different abilities and weaknesses, and it’s up to the players to try and tackle them all before the Villagers are killed off one by one. It’s a little reminiscent of Pandemic, but with a really easy mechanic to ramp up the difficulty by adding more or fewer monsters to any single game. Horrified is also easy to get to the table with folks new to gaming and still has enough depth to satisfy a group of serious gamers. Plus did we mention the art? -Tim W


Designed by: Elizabeth Hargrave
Art by: Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel

I felt personally targeted when I learned that I could play a board game about collecting and studying birds. Conceived by an all-female design team, Wingspan features an easy to learn engine-building mechanic that rewards clever turns with ridiculously satisfying combos that get bigger and better as the game progresses. Although the barrier to entry is nice and low, you can still play competitively if you prefer a spicy game. (You can also play solo, which is a big win for me!)

The base game features 170 unique bird cards featuring breathtaking illustrations and fun facts, so you actually learn a ton as you play! Bird nerd or not, there’s something for most people to love here. Bonus: there’s already an expansion featuring 81 all-new European birds. - Jayme


Designed by: Manolis Vranas, Jamie Sajdak

After first exposure to this game, I was convinced it had a legacy as rich and historic as Go. But no, this is a brand new 2019 game, and one of my absolute favorites of the year. A deceptively simple abstract strategy game with just a few basic rules, Shobu can be learned easily by any level of gamer. But like Chess and Go, mastery is elusive and subtle strategy nuances emerge the more you play.

The design itself is minimalist and stunning, 20 polished (real) black and white stones, 4 wooden boards and a strand of thick rope. Like The Mind from 2018, I find great joy in buying this game as a gift and exposing friends and family to something truly awesome. - Tim L.


Designed by: Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Peter Olotka
Art by: Ilya Baranovsky

The 1979 cult classic game was thought to be lost to the ages, but the good folks at Gale Force 9 have dug it out from the sands of Arrakis and brought a fantastically affordable version of the game back from the dead. We’ll admit that at first glance the rulebook is a tad bit intimidating… but what is actually happening here is a ridiculously nuanced and thematic ride across the story of Dune !

Almost any move you want to take is an option here if you’re willing to immerse yourself in the politics of the world. Buying favors and alliances from the other houses at the table is encouraged! Treachery and betrayal abound! Someone gets to be the Kwisatz Haderach! Yes, this is a game for sci-fi nerds who grew up reading these books and still make excuses for why the 1984 film is better than people give it credit for, BUT it is also one of the most deeply satisfying world domination games ever created and deserves a spot on your shelf. - Tim W.

Silver & Gold

Designed by: Phil Walker-Harding
Art by: Oliver Freudenreich

I’m perpetually on the hunt for games that are easy to teach, fit in my bag, and get folks around me excited to play. Silver & Gold is clever, affordable, and meets all of these requirements in around 15-minutes: it is an absolute treat!  

The goal of the game is to fill out as many treasure cards as possible over four rounds using the included dry-erase markers. Everyone gets to draw simultaneously, copying tetromino shapes that are revealed one at a time from a randomized deck. The pace is quick, feels just the right amount of hectic, and offers players plenty of opportunity to explore new strategies every time they play to maximize their points. There’s a perfect balance of strategy and luck wrapped up in an addictive experience that has most people saying, “one more time!” at the conclusion of end-game scoring.  - Jayme

Letter Jam

Designed by: Ondra Skoupý
Art by: Dávid Jablonovský, František Sedláček, Lukáš Vodička, Michaela Zaoralová

Although I am not addicted myself, my family is swimming in Scrabble -heads. When I caught wind of a collaborative word puzzling game buzzing around GenCon this year, I had to bring it back to my wife and my mom in particular. Letter Jam ended up being the most-played game of our very-game-heavy Christmas break. 

In the game, each player has a five letter word in front of them that they cannot see. One letter at a time, all players simultaneously expose a single letter of their mystery word to the other players. Using the letters you can see (not your own) and an optional wildcard letter, players take turns spelling a clue word that helps the others deduce their own secret letter and move on to the next. The official endgame rules provide a glimpse of the collaborative spirit of the game, “If more or less everyone has spelled a word, then you have all more or less won.”

Wickedly challenging and very replayable, Letter Jam makes for a fantastic social gaming experience. And not everyone around the table has to be a master wordsmith. The stronger Scrabble-enthusiasts can carry the water for us mere spelling mortals. - Tim L.


Designed by: Danielle Deley , Lindsey Sherwood , Nathan Thornton
Art by: Sarah Kelly

Everyone needs more party games in their life. Big boxes full of miniatures and a thousand cards are great for the right group, but most folks are really intimidated but that sort of thing and are looking for something easy and fun for groups. Medium is that game. 

The play itself is pretty simple; you and the player on your left each take a card with a single word on it and then attempt, without discussing it, to simultaneously say a word that falls directly in between those two words contextually. Sounds easy right? The fun really starts when you both guess the wrong word because then you are trying to guess a second time for the word between the two random words you just guessed. What might have started with the words “button” and “magic” can morph into you and your friend screaming “Glenn Danzig” at each other in a crowded bar at Gen Con on your last attempt to score a point to the screams and cheers of the rest of the table! This game is as fun as the people you play it with and around the Mondo office it’s been a blast. - Tim W.

Tiny Towns

Designed by: Peter McPherson
Art by: Matt Paquette

All of my favorite games of this year feature something in common: simultaneous play. I dislike lots of downtime between turns, since it encourages players’ attention to wander to other things, like phones, which is a real bummer and kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying a game together. In Tiny Towns , players take on the role of woodland creatures in charge of building out our own (ahem) tiny towns, which are represented by a 4x4 grid.

The game presents players with seven different buildings or structures (there are 15 included in the game so play varies with every setup) that can be constructed whenever a player collects the required resources on their board in a specific shape. Each type of building has special rules for how they score points throughout the game, varying from laws of adjacency, to frequency, to placement restrictions.

Your brain starts to break (in a good way) as you realize that following multiple rule sets while also staying mindful of the limited space on your board is HARD. As an added element of complexity, the only way to collect new resources is by going around the table and taking turns as the “master builder” and declaring what resources everyone at the table must collect and place on their board. Since everyone is trying to build different structures, you can get extremely screwed over by having to place resources you don’t want in spaces you had planned on using for your own construction! This is one of the most frustrating but satisfying games I’ve played all year, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to flex or improve their spatial skills. - Jayme

Honorable Mentions

We also really enjoyed these other games over the course of the year, some of which didn’t necessarily come out in 2019:

Catch the Moon, Tapestry, Heads will Roll, The Quacks of Quedlinburg, Monikers, Res Arcana, Wavelength, Watergate, Parks, Die Crew, Aquatica, Drop It, Moon Base, and of course: Unmatched!

A few of our favorite things from 2019!

As the year draws to a close, so too comes a flood of “Best Of” lists from all corners of the Internet… can we play, too? With a slight twist, however. Here at Mondo we have a pretty tight knit crew from all walks of life and pretty diverse interests and opinions. We’re not interested in telling you what’s the best thing 2019 gave us (“maclunkey” has been an utter gift around these parts), but we did want to put together a list of some of our favorite things that came out of this year. We put out a call to everyone on our team and worked to assemble a breakdown we thought would be worth sharing.

From movies to soundtracks to podcasts and all sorts of in between, we are excited to share with you 10 of our favorite things of 2019. What was yours? Share your lists with us on social and let us know if there’s anything we should catch up on as we close the book on 2019. We’ll retweet the ones we get tagged in!

Mondo Top 10:


Within the first 10 minutes of AVENGERS: ENDGAME, I’m hooked. All over again, like when I was first sitting in the theater, full of tears. It was like Infinity War had just ended, again. The heartache hit me, again. But I love it when a movie (hell, a franchise) can just pull you back into that head space so quickly & as gripping. As many sad tears as I shed, there were happy tears – gotta love those tender character crossovers that give you a gut laughter or happy tummy feels because two people from different worlds get moments together. So, a lot of this movie is my favorite moment, however, a few to point out would be “I’m still worthy” because of its relatability to our normal human existence. Marvel has always been able to tell us that it could be us under the mask. I think the scene that makes me happy cry the hardest is when the women of Marvel are able to come together and all be in a fight scene together. "Don't worry. She's got help." It’s what I have been waiting for. Cinematic history. So, thank you, Captain Marvel for being a complete badass, and Black Widow & Iron Man for your sacrifices, so that everyone could come together in the end and defeat Thanos, one last time. Thank you to the rest of The Avengers, I love you 3,000." – Krystal Karim (Merchandising Specialist)


The score to THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO, by composer Emile Mosseri, is my favorite of 2019. It is imbued with equal parts beauty, melancholy, and whimsy. Every family of instruments, ranging from strings to brass, play off each other perfectly. There are many stand out tracks, but the one that I continue to return to is the cover of San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair). This remix adds new meaning to the famous song, and fits perfectly within the film’s themes of pride, family, and what constitutes home. THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO is a modern fairy tale that begs to be seen, and consequently, heard (Boo to the Oscars for not adding it to their shortlist this year). – Thomas Desimone (Digital Producer)


In our world of the always-on typhoon of original content, it's hard to give a shit. And it's clear that the most masterful creators, like Damon Lindelof and the WATCHMEN writing crew, know this and therefore, create genuinely memorable characters of mystery and intrigue so that we have a fighting chance to give a shit.

WATCHMEN's plot weaves white supremacy with the historic Tulsa Race Riot into a quilt of vigilantism as realized by mask-wearing heroes and villains who make up the bulk of the story. This elegantly shapes some of the series' bigger philosophical questions that any well-examined life would seek to answer; what masks do we wear to conceal our pain (and is that bringing us more pain), how do humans experience time and is there anything we can do about it, what's the relationship between freedom and confinement, and general philosophical queries like, the chicken or the egg? Turns out both, at the same time.

And if you're into symbolism, and I am, it's deliberately sprinkled throughout for your over-analyzation at most, and simple enjoyment, at least. All of this alongside a beautifully executed narrative arc in the midst of time-warps and subplots that all simplistically come together, in the end, make for fulfilled viewing. And if all of this doesn't entice you, the breakout performances by Jean Smart as funny, badass Detective Laurie Blake, Regina King as Woman-Fully-in-Charge Angela Abar, and Jeremy Irons as the intriguingly twisted Adrian Veidt - might even drive you to dig into Peteypedia, the show's supplemental material, and take a dive straight into the deep end, or a supernatural walk across the water, as the case may be. It's all worth the risk. –Darby Strong (Director of Production)

Best Video Game: Death Stranding

One paragraph is not enough for me to express why I love Death Stranding... Mads Mikkelsen’s cheekbones, a baby you carry around in a pod that helps you see ghosts, an otter hat that lets you swim on your back and break stuff on your stomach like a real otter… too much to list. The main thing I love about the game is its originality, from its unexpected storyline to its open-world gameplay. I especially enjoy the multi-player aspects, in which you can work with anonymous players to build in-game structures to make traversing the landscape easier. In Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has created a game like no other. While it’s not for everyone, it is one of the handfuls of games that I can truly call “art.” – Ricardo Goiz (Wholesale Specialist)

Best Book: Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer

Jeff VanderMeer has become a major voice in the 'weird sci-fi' genre over the past few years and his new book has no shortness of weird held within. Dead Astronauts reintroduces minor characters from a previous work (Borne) of VanderMeer's, and it takes the story and world of that novel to strange new places. If you haven't had any contact with the Borne universe, just know that our future has been ruined with biotech (specifically: fusing, in mind and body, of humans and animals) and existence has gotten pretty damn hard. I'm always a fan of expanding on and learning more about something I love, and this novel really delivers on making this world stranger and more intertwined than I'd previously viewed it. VanderMeer also challenges himself with a change of structure and style than previously seen in this series. The tone and prose are poetic and dreamlike, which put me in an almost 'I'm not sure what's happening, but it sure sounds pretty' mood for a lot of the reading. This is no detractor however, as the story explores the fascinating ideas of mishandled science and what happens when that science changes us into something not even we can recognize. Those themes under this dreamlike tale of people living and re-living their lives in an effort to change their circumstances worked so well that I floated along with the action, willing to take in whatever horrific, beautiful idea was thrown at me next. –Blake Bowers (Product Specialist for Posters)

Best Comic Book: House Of X/Powers Of X

Throughout their history, The X-Men have had no shortage of great creatives behind their ongoing tales. There’s the Chris Claremont and Jim Lee years, the epic Grant Morrison run and hell, they had Stan Lee and Jack “King” Kirby right from the start! With so much history and decades of storytelling, amidst the high water marks the X-Family had, in recent years, become a bit stale and majorly convoluted. Realizing this, Marvel tapped writer extraordinaire Jonathan Hickman (along with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva) to take the reigns of the X-Men and plot out a brave new world. 

With these two new titles, House of X and Powers of X (in the case of “Powers of X” the “X” is pronounced as “ten”. Trust me it makes sense), Hickman somehow manages to incorporate our merry mutants canonical history while also crafting a tale that feels fresh and new. This not only makes these twelve issues a great starting point for newbies but also an absolutely wonderful welcome home for those of us (myself included) who felt the titles and continuity get a bit off the rails over the years.

I’ll refrain from specifics as to avoid spoilers but trust when I say that House of X & Powers of X contain some of the most exciting, dense (in a tremendous way), thought provoking and jaw dropping stories and moments to come out of the House of Ideas in quite some time. These twelve issues (also now nicely collected in a deluxe hardcover) are also the basis for all X-Men books going forward with Hickman as the grand architect of them all. It’s a truly wonderful time to be an X-fan. – Matt Hardeman (Trade Show and Event Specialist)

Best Podcast: Last Podcast On The Left

There is no place to escape to - this is The Last Podcast on The Left.

Clouded under layers of crude and inappropriate jokes, Last Podcast on The Left is one of the most informative true crime podcasts existing that covers all stories ranging from current news to fascinating pieces of history (like Bonnie & Clyde), or to some straight up paranormal or Satanic sh*t. But most impressive is the three comedians' ability to ease us into some of the most gruesome and disturbing cases of 'happenings' or human criminal behavior throughout the years, and that is why I love this podcast. Bonus - I met Henry Zebrowski at SDCC this past year at our booth and he is a Mondo fan! – Roxy Arfa (Licensing Manager)

Best Album: Ceremony – In The Spirit World Now

This album marks an expected but great change in Ceremony's sound, continuing their progression from hardcore into post-punk, now adding in elements of psych and garage. In my younger years, my musical tastes were deep into late 70's/ early 80's punk and post punk, before getting into hardcore and bands like Ceremony in my late teens. This album is a great call back to the music I loved when I was younger, while still feeling fresh and new. Synth sits heavy in the mix, but the drums and bass keep things driving, and reminiscent of Ceremony's hardcore past. Lyrically it keeps the anger that you would expect from them, but skews a bit more introspective. It's a great record, that I'm still playing though quite a bit, give it a listen! –Zak Youngquist (Sr. Manager - Inventory, Warehousing, and Logistics)

Best Pop Culture Moment: Cap Lifts Mjölnir

I cry all the way through AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Happy cry, sad cry, all the cries. But my favorite Endgame cry is the pride cry. When I saw Thor's hammer, the legendary Mjölnir, being lifted by Captain America the tears poured. Part of this fictional character ceased being fiction. The feeling of true pride I felt was real. I had the tear stained cheeks to prove it. I couldn't help but stand up and say, in unison with Thor, "I knew it". I knew that Cap. was worthy. For me, Steve Rogers is the heart of the MCU and the conscience of the entire franchise. He is an ass-kicking Jiminy Cricket. Seeing him wield Mjölnir, I couldn't help but think about how far he had come from the scrawny kid that just wanted to serve and do good. Well Cap., thank you for your service. And thanks for the cry. - Shannon Smith (Product Specialist for Soundtracks)

Best Toy/Collectible: Splendor and Riches Tiki Mugs by Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan’s art has been a part of my life for a few years now. This tiki is by far my absolute favorite. 

Becky, thank you for designing this because it makes me feel like the badass queen of darkness I know I can be. –Tori Vasquez (Customer Service/Office Manager)

Year End Top 10 from Eric Garza, Senior Creative Director!

In no particular order, here are thirteen of my favorite posters we released in 2019, plus five honorable mentions, because it's my arbitrary list and I had a hard time trying to do just ten.

VERTIGO by Matthew Woodson

Matthew is one of my favorite illustrators ever. He knows this because I've told him probably every time he creates new art, and now you do, too. Just about any new work we get from him leaves my eyes stunned, mouth agape, and brain wondering: "how?" His take on VERTIGO Is no different. You can enjoy the art in jpeg form, but it really needs to be experienced in person to pore over every piece of brilliance in this poster. The devil is in the details, and Matthew, he's got the Devil in him. 

HALLOWEEN by Jiwoon Pak

I struggle to think of another poster this year that lit Mondo's collective fire like pure gasoline as much as Jiwoon Pak's HALLOWEEN. There's a lot of art for this film, and a lot of it is great. None of it looks like Jiwoon's, and Jiwoon's is also utterly great. 


The color. The composition. The illustration. The storytelling. This poster has everything. Every new piece of work we get out of Tula is a blessing, and I'm so proud we were able to pull this together in time for a release at Thought Bubble, a spiritual sister convention to our own MondoCon, and a show that Tula serves as founder and director of. This poster came together fast and furious, and with the brilliant help of the mighty Jason Edmiston handling print separations and DL's usual masterful printing, it comfortably finds its place among my favorites we produced in 2019, and probably one of the best screen printed posters of 2019.

FULL METAL JACKET by Oliver Barrett

Thematically rich and superbly illustrated. OB has a penchant for creating art that hits like a ton of bricks and leaves you shellshocked. His artwork is a perfect and beautiful compliment for Kubrick's masterful take on war. 

THE SANDLOT by Paul Mann / THE SANDLOT by Matt Ryan Tobin

Okay, this is kind of a cheat, but both of these posters for THE SANDLOT are so perfectly well done that I couldn't choose one over the other. Paul's classic style is a perfect match here. A gorgeous slice of Americana that feels like it could've come from the brush of Haddon Sundblom. Meanwhile, Matty's poster reminds us what's really at stake. The battle between man and beast over Bill's, I mean dad's, signed baseball from someone named Ruth... Baby Ruth.

COCO by César Moreno

I had a really tough time just choosing one of César's posters for this list. He had one heck of a 2019 and it's been a privilege to work on as many projects together as we did this year. In the end, I had to go with the poster that meant the most to me, personally, and that was COCO. César's illustration and use of color and shadow on this poster is top tier. A complete celebration of one of Pixar's greats, and a beautiful homage to Mexican culture that hits close to home for me. I'm so proud that we were able to include this film in our recent Pixar gallery show, and that César was able to give it so much life. Also, the printing on this poster in particular by Cyclops Print Works is just unbelievable. 


Matt Taylor is a gift. It was a toss up between this poster and DETECTIVE PIKACHU for this list, but in the end this poster just edged out the cute pocket monster for its sheer scale and the immense challenge Matt was presented with: a single poster illustration for a movie that is the culmination of 22 other movies that features well over 20 iconic heroes, one of the best villains of our time, and time travel. Matt lifted the hammer with grace and delivered a poster that celebrates the entirely of the MCU and it's titanic legacy. 

SUSPIRIA by Jack Hughes

A total and absolute stunner. This is one of those posters that, every time I showed a co-worker around the office, would leave their jaw dropped. Jack has created a piece of art that is hypnotic, visceral, erotic, and nervewrackingly unsettling. A consummate marriage between artist and film. 


One of my very favorite movies. One of my very favorite artists. What is not to love? Martin proves yet again why he's one of the very best illustrators working today. This poster is every bit as fun as the film itself, and Martin's use of foil is masterful, allowing its use to elevate and enhance the art with purpose rather than compete against it or make it feel like a gimmick. 


A masterclass in poster illustration. Any work produced from Joao will find its way on a "top" list from me. As soon as Joao sent over final art, we immediately knew this had to be a MondoCon screening, if only to be able to show the art as large as humanly possible on a movie screen to hear a theater full of jaw dropping gasps. It didn't disappoint. That it happens to be for one of the best films of the last 15 years is an oil-covered cherry on top.

JOJO RABBIT by Chen Liang

When we first went in to watch this film, we knew the challenge we were facing: How do you create a poster for a film that deals with such difficult subject matter, and deliver something that folks will want to hang on their wall? Thankfully, Chen Liang had a brilliant solution that summed up the film's themes and story in a beautiful and poignant way. It took all of three seconds after walking out of the film screening for Rob and I to turn to each other and say: "it's the rabbit in the cage illustration, right?" Rob laid out the artwork and did the title/billing work, and it works beautifully in tandem with Chen's perfect illustration. I love this poster and this movie. 

THE EXORCIST by Timothy Pittides

This is our first poster with Tim and, wow, did he deliver some evil with this poster. Such a strong and confident concept that is equal parts struggle, relief, danger, hope, pain, and blessing -- all beautifully rendered by Tim's own steady hand. Gorgeous and horrifying.

"IT'S AN ART SHOW, CHARLIE BROWN" by Charles Schulz 

I'm sure Mitch and Rob have also said something along these lines in their lists, but this is probably in my top 5 gallery shows we've ever done. The entire collection is something I'm immensely proud of, and one of the few times I've wanted to plaster my house, or at least a room, in our posters. Removing individual panels from the context of the full comic strip elevates the art to an entirely new level. Charlie Brown has always been everyone's favorite sad boy, and the existential dread that permeates this collection speaks to our collective lost hearts. GO HOME, MASKS, and BEAUTIFUL in particular are stand-outs for me.


AGE OF MARVEL by Rich Kelly, Johnny Dombrowski, and Tom Whalen

This is three posters, I know, but it's really a celebration of Marvel as a whole. When Marvel approached us about this project and idea to celebrate 80 amazing years, it was a no brainer. I love that we were able to break it down into a celebration of three iconic eras of Marvel heroes: Golden Age, Silver Age, and Modern Age. Early in the process, we had the idea to present Captain America as the thread that weaves it all together, and each artist, Rich Kelly, Johnny Dombrowski, and Tom Whalen, took each respective era and delivered stunning artwork worthy of the mighty Marvel Universe. The fact that this art was also used as variant comic covers further cements this as one of the projects I'm most proud of in 2019. 


Sachin Teng can do no wrong and this poster for METAL GEAR SOLID is a beautiful testament to that. It's bold, frenzied, and unquestionably cool, just like the game itself, and a brilliant entry that sits beautifully beside Sachin's previous work for seminal video games (MEGA MAN / 2018, CASTLEVANIA / 2017).

PSYCHO by Phantom City Creative

Phantom City Creative deliver an eye-catchingly beautiful and clever poster for one of Hitchcock's very best. This poster works on a lot of levels, but its use of color, typographic layout, and bold graphics make this quintessential PCC by way of Saul Bass. Gorgeous.

DOOM by Gabz

Not a whole lot to say here. Gabz is a fan of the game and it shows. This poster feels deadly and kicks all sorts of ass. 


One of my favorite comics, not just of recent times, but of all times. Ed Piskor's brilliant and mind-blowing retelling of X history is nothing short of astonishing, and I'm so proud we were able to partner up with him to give his incredible artwork the screen printed treatment. 

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Year End Top 10 from Rob Jones, Co-Founder & Senior Creative Director

In no particular order here’s some splendor that roped the wind.

MIDSOMMAR by Greg Ruth

I tend to have a type with these lists. Anything resembling a set piece from an ursine themed episode of HANNIBAL will get my vote every time. Coupled with the disturbing majesty of the KILLING OF A SACRED DEER poster from last year, Greg is gathering a wonderful dark menagerie.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD by Johnny Dombrowski

An EC cover inspired approach forever gigs my ocular frogs. Johnny D. here reveals his reverence for Gaines’ brood with a wonderfully fresh take on the Cornetto trilogy.  All winners, but SHAUN OF THE DEAD shines with exceptional sparkle.

THE EXORCIST by Timothy Pittides

Immediate and poignant depiction of the struggle and stakes in Friedkin’s best known masterpiece. Tim continues to burn it up to a temperature Pazuzu would find comfortable.


I see Vito in church adoring his new god.  A harsh god demanding sacrifice, but one that showers respect on those adept at keeping its cruel codes, …or it’s just a kid who misses his mother.  Either way, Eric took an established scene and caught the mood in amber with a delicate gorgeous grime.


Matt Ryan Tobin loves BILL & TED.  He’d trade a pinky finger yubitsume-style to save the films from a box headed to a trash fire. Doesn’t matter if SEVEN SAMURAI, GODFATHER, CRUISING and DUNE were in the same box.  He’d let them burn. If you could offer it, he might cut his other pinky finger off to rewind time. Then he could enjoy watching those films burn a second time while flashing his cocky Newfoundland grin. Point is, he loves BILL & TED a lot.

He certainly shows it in this poster.

The triple six found in title treatment is an amazing touch that would make Bruce Dickinson proud.

SUSPIRIA by Jack Hughes

Sara Deck’s already put this ballerina in a blender with her Mondo work for the film’s premiere. Undaunted, Jack threw his bloody fedora in the ring and produced something equally bewitching.  Stunning work that immediately evokes the soundtrack in my head and gears me up for the film.

ALIEN by Phantom City Creative / ALIEN by 100% Soft

We were awarded two amazing ALIEN posters to share with fans this year.  Putting both on here as they each performed the same minor miracle of making the property interesting in a fresh way. PCC’s Erickson brought a haunted house vibe to alien surroundings, while Truck went to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate graphically that it isn’t easy being a cat.

FULL METAL JACKET by Oliver Barrett

Pretty succinctly brutal.

THE BIRDS by Paul Blow

Live Peace in Toronto by the Plastic Ono Band sports one of my favorite record covers.  A friendly puffy cloud breezes into a perfect square field of azure. I get an effective yet opposite vibe from Paul’s work here.  This poster offers nothing friendly other than the cheery landscape below awaiting the feathered void hovering above and bringing dread.  Powerfully done.

HALLOWEEN (Korean variant) by Jiwoon Pak

Something about the presentation that makes intensifies MM’s threat level for me.  By making him seem safer he became inexplicably more dangerous and uncanny.  An interesting alchemy.


CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (Variant) by Jason Edmiston

Amazing tribute palette to Aurora model kits.  Very excited to see Jason continue this series.


I pretty much like anything to do with the Bride.  If you haven’t seen the Jennifer Beals / Sting / Clancy Brown / David Rappaport version of the tale in THE BRIDE (1985), then treat yourself.  I think about it any time I meet someone with a fear of cats.

PEANUTS “Go Home" featuring artwork by Charles Schulz

I ought to hat tip this show as I’m truly likely to cover my office with most of the pieces from “It’s An Art Show, Charlie Brown”.  This one is my favorite and generally sums up the skipping groove in my mind when I exit the house.

Full hat-doffs to Jon Smith for coloring and preparing all the original panels for the show. 

Year End Top 10 from Brock Otterbacher, Creative Director of Toys & Collectibles!

My top 10 is going to be a tad different. While I have some of my fav products we've made this year, I also wanted to highlight things that happened this year in our lil world that I thought were noteworthy, in no particular order...

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1/6 Scale Figure line

After many years of hinting, teasing, and showing, to finally have these figures in collectors' hands is overwhelmingly satisfying. We're got a lot more fun things planned for this line, and I can't want to get into the new year to share!

Disney Tiki Mugs

While these haven't shipped yet (but they're coming soon), just being able to show the few that we have has been such a joy. Our Sorcerer Mickey mug is already on of my fav mugs we're worked on, and there are some more mugs for next year that are sure to be on this list 12 months from now.


These have been years in the making, and it's been so much fun to take all of our favorite gross-out toys from the 80s & 90s, and combine them with pop icons to come up with something familiar yet new. These little gross guys & gals have a special place in my ol' heart.

Batman 1/6 Scale Figure from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

This figure, which shipped earlier in the year, was such a labor of love from so many people involved with the project. We put a lot of effort into creating a figure that not only honors the classic look of the animated series, but also was fun to play with!

Krampus Tiki Mug

I love our Designer Series of tiki mugs, as it gives us a chance to work with original designs from some of our fav artists, and in this case Florian Bertmer, who turned in and amazing design, and Matthew Black, who nailed that design in sculpt. Tiki Farm helped produce this thing, and it's so much fun to drink from! 


While we haven't revealed the collectibles we're working on for this license yet, it's been such a joy to see Allie and Co. working on all the different pins & apparel for various Toho classic films, many of which I got for myself. Can't wait to join in the fun next year!

Splendor & Riches Tiki Mug

Mirroring what I said about Florian and his Krampus Mug, becky Cloonan's entry into our Designer Series is top notch. Tufan Sezer sculpted it to morbid perfection. And best yet, we've only releases two glazes, with more to come!

Designer Con Exclusive Skeletor 1/6 Scale Figure

A bit of a cheat since I already mentioned MOTU at the top, but this figure was such a fun piece to come up with, with Hector Arce's unique paint job making ol Bone Face really pop. This is not the last time we'll be doing "MOTUbi" versions of our MOTU characters...

JAWS Tiki Mug

Mike Bonanno & I couldn't wait to work out how to make the icon shark into a tiki mug. And when Mike did the initial design, it was spot on- said everything you needed to say about Bruce, while still being a great mug. With help from Tom "Thor" Thordarson, and Tiki Farm, we put out a mug I am very, very proud of.


With San Diego Comic Con, MondoCon, Power Con, and Designer Con, we got to show all the various projects we've been working on. More importantly, though, we got to talk to a lot of you out there, trading stories, fandom, and occacionally drinks! It's always been a true pleasure meeting and chatting with each of you, and looking forward to doing the same and more in 2020! Salud!

Year End Top 10 from Mitch Putnam, Co-Founder & Senior Creative Director

HALLOWEEN by Jiwoon Pak 

This one really fell into the “love it or hate it” category for a lot of our fans. I came up with this pairing on the phone with Rob at 3am one night, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All of us fall hard on the ‘love’ side of things, but we don’t blame any fans that hate it, it’s pretty unconventional.

PEANUTS - “Beautiful” featuring artwork by Charles M. Schulz

Another 3am idea on the phone with Rob, the Peanuts show was my favorite thing we did in 2019 (and one of my favorites ever). Of the images we chose together, “Beautiful” is the one that best sums up what we were trying to do. Taking a single panel out of a strip completely recontextualizes Schulz’s work in the best way. So proud of this show.

FULL METAL JACKET by Oliver Barrett

This one blew me away the moment the sketch came in. It’s such a striking, moving image. Oliver has been working with us for years, and he’s shown tremendous growth. Definitely one of the best this year.


The rendering on this poster is incredible. I met Boris randomly in Minnesota, and we were so excited to work with him on a number of projects. Of all the posters he’s done for us, this one is my favorite.


This poster feels so perfect for the property, I love when that happens. At this point, we’re used to Matt being amazing, but this felt like a slight change in style (in a good way). Thank the universe for Matt Taylor.

VERTIGO by Matthew Woodson

The maturation of Matthew Woodson’s style in the eight years we’ve been working with him is unmatched. This poster deserves to be marveled at, both technically and theoretically. This is one we are very proud of.


Working with Martin is one of the biggest privileges of this job. He’s an unmatched talent, and there aren’t any holes in his repertoire. His type is unbelievable, his colors are masterful, and his compositions are always groundbreaking. This is one of his best.


SUSPIRIA by Jack Hughes

What a pleasant surprise Jack Hughes has been. When you see an artist’s work, you never know how their style will translate to movie posters. In this case, perfectly. What a spellbinding piece of art.


This one might have been too weird for a lot of our audience, and the film probably is too, but holy shit, I love it so much. When you do 200+ of these per year, it takes something this new to completely blow your socks off. Tomer still keeps us on our toes with every new release.

THE OMEN by Mark McCoy

Mark is a legend in the hardcore punk scene. He’s lead seminal bands, he runs a great record label, and he’s responsible for some of the more interesting record designs of anyone working today. It was a joy to work with him, one that I hope we’ll experience many more times.

TOY STORY 2 by Tom Whalen

The master returns to what he does best, Disney animation posters. If you don’t have this one, you don’t have them all, and then what kind of collector would you be?

WALL-E by Rory Kurtz

Rory stormed onto the scene unbelievably quickly, and he hasn’t slowed down. A love letter to one of Pixar’s best films, this poster definitely leaves you asking, “wait, that’s a screenprint”? A+ work.

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