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New THOR: RAGNAROK Poster by Dániel Taylor

This Thursday morning on The Drop we're bringing you a truly worthy new poster for THOR: RAGNAROK by artist Dániel Taylor.

Taika Waititi's THOR: RAGNAROK is one of the best the MCU has to offer. It's hilarious, full of great characters and moments, advances the story arcs of several characters we've grown to know and love, and even brilliantly weaves in elements of the "Planet Hulk" comic book storyline – all while retaining Taika's signature voice and brand of humor.

Though the film often plays like a comedy, there is also a ton of tragedy and heartache rooted in its surface, and that's a take on this film that we were really excited to see Dániel explore with his poster.

"THOR: RAGNAROK by Taika Waititi is one of my favourite Marvel movies and holds a very special place in my heart. Although most people think of it as a bright, colourful and fun movie, it’s actually one of the saddest films by Marvel in my opinion. Thor loses so much - including his father, his home, his hammer - and I wanted to visualize these elements in a dreamlike / surreal environment on the poster." – Dániel Taylor

THOR: RAGNAROK by Dániel Taylor goes on sale tomorrow, May 21st, at 11AM CST via The Drop.

THOR: RAGNAROK Screenprinted Poster by Daniel Taylor. D&L Screenprinting. 24" x 36". Edition of 170. Ships to Addresses in the US and Select Countries Internationally. Expected to ship July 2020. $55.

Two New Sketchbooks from Tula Lotay – 'Blossom' & 'Blossom X' – Available Now

English-born illustrator Tula Lotay is one of our absolute favorite artists working today. Her illustrations can make anything look beautiful, and she can make what's already beautiful look even better. She's worked with comics legends Warren Ellis on Supreme: Blue Rose and Scott Snyder on All-Star Batman, and she's also the founder and director of comic art festival Thought Bubble UK.

We've been honored to work with her in the past, and that's why we're thrilled to be bringing you her two newest sketchbooks, Blossom and Blossom X, which are both are filled to the brim with absolutely gorgeous art. We also have five original bookplate sketches from Tula Lotay that'll be randomly given away with the purchase of either book.

Both books are on sale right now – and each copy we're selling is signed and numbered by the artist. Purchase Blossom here and Blossom X here.

Blossom by Tula Lotay. Published by Tula Lotay. Expected to Ship in 3-5 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $30

Blossom X by Tula Lotay.  Published by Tula Lotay.  Expected to Ship in 3-5 Business Days. Ships Worldwide.  $30

Music Weekly: EMMA by Isobel Waller-Bridge & David Schweitzer + New Podcast Episode

Hello everyone. This week we are thrilled to present the premiere physical release of Isobel Waller-Bridge & David Schweitzer's amazing score to the film EMMA. The film is currently available via VOD and Blu-ray – it's truly spectacular, and the soundtrack is super-special. We hope you check it out.

We are also excited to share a new episode of our podcast, this time an interview with composer Scott Bomar about his music for the film DOLEMITE IS MY NAME (which is now shipping). Scott has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and a prolific career as a Memphis musician, and he has stories for days about his collaborators in his personal music as well as his film music. We hope you take a listen.

And lastly, we have a video unboxing of DOLEMITE IS MY NAME for your enjoyment.

As always, all new releases go on sale Wednesdays at Noon CST.



Mondo, in partnership with Back Lot Music, is proud to present the premiere physical release of the soundtrack to Autumn de Wilde's epic period comedy EMMA.

Composed by Isobel Waller-Bridge & David Schweitzer, the music for EMMA is as plucky and tender as the saga of Emma Woodhouse and her attempts at molding the love lives of those around her.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve with artwork by artist Carson Ellis and designed by Nic Taylor, the release features a 20-page booklet with photos, a mini-poster, and pressed on 180 Gram Blush pink colored vinyl.

EMMA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Isobel Waller-Bridge & David Schweitzer. Artwork by Carson Ellis, and Design by Nic Taylor. Housed in a gatefold sleeve, with a 20-page booklet and fold-out poster. Pressed on 180 gram Blush Pink vinyl. Also available on 2x 180-gram black vinyl. $35 NOTE: THIS ITEM IS A PRE-ORDER. ALL ORDERS CONTAINING THIS ITEM WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL JULY 2020.


THE INVISIBLE MAN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP.  Music by Benjamin Wallfisch. Pressed on 2X 180 Gram Crystal Clear vinyl with an etching on side D. Housed in an acrylic screen printed slip-case. Ships Worldwide. $35.

DOLEMITE IS MY NAME - Music From the Netflix Film LP.  Music by Scott Bomar. Featuring performances by Craig Robbinson, Eddie Murphy and DaVine Joy Randolph. Pressed on 180 Gram Purple Galaxy vinyl. Also available on 180 Gram Black vinyl. $25.

Introducing Our First Line of Disney Tiki Mugs – Sorcerer Mickey from FANTASIA

"Music you can see and pictures you can hear."
- Walt Disney on FANTASIA

This year marks the eightieth anniversary of Walt Disney's passion project, the iconic, groundbreaking animated film FANTASIA. There's true Disney magic in that visionary masterpiece, and now there's some Disney magic in our Tiki Mugs.

Presenting our first line of officially-licensed Disney Tiki Mugs, starring Sorcerer Mickey, as seen in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment from the iconic animated film.

Sorcerer's Apprentice - Fantasia

It's a huge mug for such a huge achievement in film history, with Mickey standing tall at 11.5". It also holds approximately 22 ounces, which should be plenty of room to flood your own chamber.

We introduced our first Sorcerer Mickey last July, but now we're introducing four more beautiful colorways – all available for purchase now in our Tiki Mugs collection

A gloriously shiny chrome Aether Variant.

Edition of 400. $75.

A boldly blue Elemental Variant.

Edition of 300. $75.

A jade-green Fortune Variant.

Edition of 300. $75.

And an Alamo Variant in rich brown.

Edition of 400. $75.

Designed by Tom “Thor” Thordarson and sculpted by Istanbul-based Tufan Sezer, they're produced by the sorcerers over at Tiki Farm. They make each of our mugs by hand, which means they're all unique pieces of drinkware art (and there could be some slight variations from the images above).

Each is available for purchase right now in our Disney Collection and our Tiki Mug Collection alongside Thanos, Scrooge McDuck, and JURASSIC PARK's T-Rex. They'll ship this month to addresses in the United States and Canada only

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On Sale Info for New BUFFY & BIG TROUBLE Posters, Pins, and Apparel

We're incredibly excited to show you new posters, pins, and apparel from the immortally iconic worlds of Joss Whedon's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. Everything below will go on sale tomorrow, May 14th, right here on

First up, let's head into the Hellmouth for our first poster for BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER by artist Sara Deck. We're huge fans of Joss Whedon's brilliant series and are proud to continue loudly singing its praises with this poster for the excellent Season One finale, "Prophecy Girl." 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Prophecy Girl (Regular version) by Sara Deck
24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 175. Printed by DL Screenprinting. Expected to ship in July 2020. Ships to addresses in the US and other countries$50.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Prophecy Girl (Variant version) by Sara Deck
24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 75. Printed by DL Screenprinting. Expected to ship in July 2020. Ships to addresses in the US and other countries. $75.

"Buffy is often boiled down to the pretty girl in the cute outfit that kicks all kinds of ass, but she represents so much more than that. She is an angsty teen, a loving and loyal friend, and a self-sacrificing, yet flawed, hero. SMG's Buffy holds a very special place in my heart, and is still my favourite superhero to this day. 

The finale of Season 1, "Prophecy Girl," remains a pivotal moment for Buffy. She is finally ready to face The Master, and despite knowing that her death has been prophesied, she is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. In this episode she discovers a well of strength and resilience within her far greater than she knew she had. Here she has truly embraced her destiny as THE SLAYER, and that was really important for me to capture with this poster." — Sara Deck

That pivotal moment from "Prophecy Girl" has also been succinctly captured in this new stained glass-styled enamel pin by Transylvanian illustrator Xul1349. His stunning design highlights Buffy in her most saintly sacrifice with The Master placed below her stake. The die-cut tombstone packaging is the icing on this incredibly well-executed cake.

Buffy vs The Master Enamel Pin
Designed by Xul1349. 2.5" H hard enamel on antique copper. 1.55" x 3.6" die-cut backing. Expected to ship in 3-5 business days. Ships to Addresses in the US and Canada. $13

In addition to our Buffy offerings, tomorrow's bringing two new BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA items, starting with a new poster by the always amazing Rich Kelly. Rich continues to be one of our absolute favorite artists around, and we are overjoyed anytime we get to work with him on a new project. This poster for John Carpenter's tough guy classic is no exception.

"Big Trouble in Little China holds a special place in my heart. From the head-scratching lines of dialogue delivered by an in-his-prime Kurt Russel to the terrifying, mystical ancient sorcerer Lo Pan, it's one of the all-timers. I wanted to showcase Jack Burton in all of his glory: the tank top, the boots, the weapons, the eagerness to mix it up (even if he really has no clue what he's doing.) I also wanted to highlight the guy who actually does all of the hard work, Wang Chi." – Rich Kelly

24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 250. Printed by DL Screenprinting. Expected to ship in July 2020. Ships to addresses in the US and other countries$55.

Finally, here's what ol' Jack Burton always wears at a time like this. Paige Reynolds of Phantom City Creative has a particular eye for clever design, and her new illustration for BIG TROUBLE is no exception. She’s taken Jack Burton's infamous tank-top design and added an ingenious twist – swapping out the nameless character for his greatest foe, Lo Pan! The faithful rendering, touch of texture, and muted color palette give this shirt the feel of a well-loved artifact from the 1980s.

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA T-Shirt Designed by Paige Reynolds. Available in unisex sizes XS-4XL. Printed by Impact Merchandising on Next Level 3600 White Tee.  Expected to ship in July 2020. Ships to addresses in the US and other countries $25

Behind the Scenes of Our Upcoming ADVENTURE TIME Jake and Finn Statue

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Adventure Time and the upcoming release of the new Adventure Time specials on HBO Max (that trailer is sooo good!), we thought it was the perfect time to share a behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming Adventure Time statue of Jake and Finn.

The idea of creating this statue stemmed directly from our Marceline The Vampire Queen statue that we released a few years ago. We're HUGE Pendelton Ward fans, and absolutely adore Adventure Time and Midnight Gospel, so we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to create another statue based on these amazing characters.

Naturally, the follow up to that would be the show’s awesome main protagonists, Jake and Finn. So coming up with a fun way to represent both characters in a statue medium was a challenge we gladly accepted. From animation to character design, it all starts with one thing: concept art. Here's a look behind-the-scenes at the early beginnings and brainstorming that took place.

First up, the sketches. The super talented Eric Siebenaler was asked to help us with the design and he turned in some awesome sketches for us to pick from.

From there, we had the task of picking our favorite of the bunch. We went with the third image above, as it fits with the playfulness of the shows aesthetic while also giving us an interesting look to play within a three-dimensional space.

Once we chose our favorite, we then asked Eric to tighten it up, and provided him a bunch of references and Easter Eggs to place throughout the statue. We especially wanted to include their little buddy BMO as well as showcasing many of the signature weapons that're featured throughout the show. The end result...
Now, on to sculpting. Translating something like this is never easy, not just because of its complexity and very busy nature, but because we really wanted to make sure the characters closely matched their show likeness.

We asked our friend and amazingly awesome 3D sculptor Irene Matar to tackle this one and start sculpting. Here's a look at her first rough pass.

From there, Mondo Collectibles Art Directors Mike Bonanno and Hector Arce reviewed the sculpt and added their notes and edits.

Then Irene went to work on adding our notes and finished up the sculpture. The final result looked awesome and seriously brought a huge smile to all of our faces.

The next step is to bring this sculpt into the real world via 3D printing, then throw some paint on it. We asked painter extraordinaire Mark Bristow to tackle the painting and he absolutely killed it. Here’s some of his work in progress shots.

After all that hard work by so many talented and amazing artists, we came to….. THIS.

We're so happy with the end result, and we're stoked to share this with all of you. Keep an eye out for the official announcement very soon.

– Hector Arce and Michael Bonnano, Mondo Toys and Collectibles



Due to popular demand, this week we're excited to restock two of our favorite video game soundtracks – SILENT HILL & SILENT HILL 2. We've received an outpouring of demand for more SILENT HILL in general, so we are actually going to be moving forward with a few more soundtracks in this series. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Also, in case you missed it, we've restocked nearly all of our CASTLEVANIA soundtrack releases – CASTLEVANIA, CASTLEVANIA II: SIMON'S QUEST, CASTLEVANIA III: DRACULA'S CURSE, SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV, and CASTLEVANIA: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT – and they are ready to ship now.

As always, all restocks go on sale on Wednesdays at Noon CST.


Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the soundtrack to the haunting, original Playstation title SILENT HILL. Don't let the tone of the plucky mandolin driven opening track fool you, this is one of the most haunting soundtracks we've ever released. Full of hair-raising, pulse-pounding, industrial cues — this soundtrack is the stuff of nightmares — which is important since SILENT HILL (and its subsequent sequels) has its feet planted firmly in the legacy of survival horror gaming.

​Featuring all-new artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly. Remastered by James Plotkin and Pressed on 2X 180 Gram White Vinyl. Expected to ship worldwide in June 2020. $30.

Mondo, in conjunction with Konami, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to the Playstation 2 horror masterpiece: SILENT HILL 2.

SILENT HILL 2 is psychological horror by way of David Lynch, evoking the more surreal and supernatural elements of TWIN PEAKS while telling the story of one man's journey into a hell of his own creation. Like the geographical differences between the maps of the two games, musically SILENT HILL 2 feels like somewhere you've been before but mysteriously different and unique. It's haunting and beautiful at one moment, tense and spine-tingling the next. If SILENT HILL is a frightful jump scare, SILENT HILL 2 will haunt you in your dreams for years to come.

Featuring all-new artwork by Sara Deck. Remastered by James Plotkin and pressed on 2X 180 Gram Colored vinyl. Expected to ship worldwide in June 2020. $35.




Dig in to our new 101 DALMATIONS enamel pins

This week we are spotted with joy to recognize Disney's 101 DALMATIANS, with our 101st enamel pin in our Disney pin series! Over the past year, we have had the amazing opportunity to create over one hundred unique designs with Disney, and it feels perfectly serendipitous that this "+100" milestone was met with this particular 1961 animated classic.

After working with artist Caley Hicks on a Disney THE LION KING juice glass for the 2019 live-action film, we knew she would be the perfect fit to explore more Disney films through her creative lens. Hicks provides a stylistic approach to the hopeless romantic Pongo, a precious Rolly, and a terrifying look at Cruella De Vil.

These hard enamel darlings are the perfect addition to any growing Disney pin collection, and they're on sale now.

Disney's 101 DALMATIANS Enamel Pins. Designed by Caley Hicks. Black nickel with rubber clutch backings. Sizes: Cruella – 1.75" wide, double posted. Rolly – 1.25" high, single posted. Pongo – 2" wide, single posted. All on 2" x 3" backings. Ships now to addresses in the US & Canada only. $10 each.

Nautilus x Mondo #3: FIRST BLOOD Poster by Oliver Barrett

"They drew first blood, not me."

Tomorrow we have a new poster in our partnership with our friends over at Nautilus Art Prints for one of the greatest action films ever: FIRST BLOOD by Oliver Barrett.

Based on the novel by David Morrell, the 1982 film introduced much of the world to one of Stallone's other iconic characters: John Rambo. We're particularly fond of how Oliver nailed that stone-cold gaze as Rambo wages a one-man war through the lush Pacific Northwest.

We're excited to offer the Regular Version on Thursday, May 7th, at 11am Central via The Drop.

The Variant Version (pictured below) will be available via Nautilus Art Prints.

FIRST BLOOD (Regular version) by Oliver Barrett. 24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 300. Printed by Atelier Vertical in Brussels. Expected to ship worldwide in July 2020. $60

FIRST BLOOD (Variant version) by Oliver Barrett. 24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 82. Printed by Atelier Vertical in Brussels. Available at 7PM (Brussels Time) on Thursday (5/7) via Nautilus Art Prints€75

¡Fantastico! Six Lucha-Themed Tiki Mugs Just Hit the Mat

Inspired by Mexico's fabled Lucha libre tradition, our El Ojo Fantastico Tiki Mug first entered the ring (and tiki bar) in a Fuego Azul glaze at last year's Fantastic Fest 2019. We've now expanded the hero with the fantastic eye's máscaras coloridas to form a six Tiki stable: Regular, Reclusa Parda, El Heroe Magullado, Fuego Azul, Furia Roja, and Destructor Verde.

Designed by Michael Bonanno, sculpted by Tufan Sezer, and produced with our tag-team partners Tiki Farm, these grapplin' great beverage containers hold approximately 16oz and are made in Mexico. ¡Muy authentic!

Buy two if you're looking to form an all-star tag team, or assemble a Royal Rumble and grab the entire collection. Either way, put a headlock on these limited quantity, one-of-a-kind pieces – the perfect containers for frozen favorites or anything else that deserves a high-flying luche style. View the entire collection right here.

Muy importante – these mugs are handmade. That means each one is unique, so slight variations from images shown may occur.

El Ojo Fantastico Tiki Mug. Colors: Regular, Recluse Parda, El Heroe Magullado, Fuego Azul, Furia Roja, and Destructor Verde. Approx. 4.75" in height, Weight: approx. 2lbs, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Tufan Sezer, Michael Bonanno, Tiki Farm. Limited to 250 pieces. Available now, ships worldwide. $40.

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